Business coach for builders and tradies

At Brainiact, we transform builders and tradies into successful entrepreneurs. Our expert coaches are veterans in the construction industry. They’ll equip your toolkit with the leadership, management, and strategic skills you need to grow your business, boost profits, and regain your work-life balance.

Lift your business to new heights with specialised coaching for builders and tradies

Going from working on the tools to running your own construction business is a big step. While you’re a pro at your trade, running a successful business requires a different set of skills. That’s why we offer specialised small business coaching for builders and tradies like you. Our coaching is made to help you thrive in the construction industry. We’ll ensure you become a better leader and scale your business, all while keeping a good work-life balance. 

With Brainiact, you’ll get friendly experts who know exactly how to turn you from a tradie to a successful business owner. We’ll give you tools, expert insight and advice proven to work. Let’s grow your business together.

Tailored solutions for challenges unique to construction

Brainiact is here to help you smash through these trade business challenges. 

Think of us as your toolbox for everything, from growing your business and finding your unique business value to mastering your sales process and bookkeeping. We’ve got smart ways such as targeted marketing strategies and brand identity development to help you build a standout brand. 

With our coaching, you’ll get straightforward advice and practical steps to face each hurdle with confidence.

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Our business coaching process:
A proven path to success

Our business coaching takes trade and construction businesses to the next level, focusing on personalisation, step-by-step guidance, and results-based strategies. Here’s how we do it…

Brainiact business assessment

We start by getting to know you, your business, and your vision. This helps us identify what you need.

Goal setting

We work with you to set clear, achievable goals  – whether it’s reaching certain revenue, finding more clients, or building your brand.

Strategic planning

We outline a clear, step-by-step strategy to address your challenges and hit your targets.

Tools and skill-building

You’ll get all the right tools, resources and advice. From financial templates and legal checklists to marketing guides, all customised for the construction businesses.

Constant support

We’re with you at every step, ready to encourage and advise you when you need it.

Check results

Success is our end game. With weekly check-ins, we can adjust strategies as your business grows and changes.

With Brainiact, every piece of advice is geared towards overcoming the specific hurdles you face, ensuring you get business coaching that’s as unique as your construction business.

Why choose Brainiact for your construction and trades business?

Choosing Brainiact is like choosing a partner who’s all-in on building your dream business. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expertise in your field: Our construction business coaching is tailored for builders and tradies, focusing on your challenges and opportunities.
  • Customised plans: Every construction business is different, whether you offer an e-commerce store or highly specialised services. We make personalised plans to help your business grow, streamline operations, or enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Holistic approach: Beyond the business, we help you become a better leader, manage your finances wisely, and ensure you have time for life outside work.
  • Constant support: Our commitment to you is constant. We’re here to cheer you on, keep you motivated, and help you stay on track toward your goals.
  • Success stories: Many construction businesses like yours have grown and improved with our help. You could be next.
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Success stories: Brainiact business transformations

Our Brainiact business coach helped us transition from being on the tools to managing others. Brainiact has turned us two tradies into two business owners.
It’s incredible how much knowledge our business coach has and how they keep us accountable. It’s like we’ve hired a boss, but their sole role is to help you grow.
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Brainiact business coaching turned us from a trade business that could barely make ends meet to one that’s experiencing exponential growth month on month.
I continue to work with Brainiact because of the increased profitability I experience, alongside the other nitty gritty stuff that I’ve never learnt as a former tradesman, such as marketing.
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Meet our specialised business coaches

Our business coaches are industry experts, having held big managerial roles at top-tier construction companies. From photographers to tradies, they’ve built teams, led major projects, and helped grow businesses into something great. They know all the tricks to scale a construction business. Now, they want to share this specialised expertise with you. 

Choosing Brainiact means you’re getting help from people who’ve been at the top, seen it all and succeeded. They’re here to help your business do the same.

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Ready to build your legacy with
Brainiact business coaching?

You’ll find real business growth with our Brainiact business coaches. 

Get your free business assessment valued at $500 and start shaping your future today. 

Business resources for builders and tradies

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Yes, getting a business coach is worth it. A coach brings lots of experience and a fresh perspective to your business. They can spot opportunities and problems you might not notice. For builders and tradies wanting to run their own businesses, a coach gives expert advice that has been tried and tested, keeps you on track, and helps you through this new journey. The money you spend on a business coach will be repaid many times over in the growth they bring your business. 

A construction-specialised business coach knows all about the construction industry and the business side of things for construction business owners. This coach gives you custom strategies and insights specific to the construction industry. They cover everything from handling projects and making more money to scaling your business and building a strong network, helping you tackle common industry-specific problems.

Business coaching for tradies and construction businesses is very personalised. Through one-on-one sessions, your coach will look closely at what you want to achieve, the hurdles you’re facing, and where your business stands. The coaching process is flexible, adapting tools, strategies, and advice to address the unique parts of the construction world, like dealing with project bids, managing your workforce, and following regulations. This ensures the coaching is as useful and relevant to trade businesses as possible.

Success in business coaching for builders and tradies can be measured by improved business performance, more profits, and better work-life balance. Key indicators include reaching your set business goals, like revenue targets or market expansion. Other signs can be improved leadership and management skills, smoother business operations, and ultimately, the ability to scale your business sustainably while maintaining or improving your quality of life.

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