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At Brainiact, we help small to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals through expert business coaching with a high level of care. Our team are committed to delivering high-quality resources, support, and accountability to business owners to ensure their long-term success.

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Our motivation

Our highly experienced business coaches will work one-on-one with you, offering expert advice and guidance tailored to your needs. We aim to help you build the confidence, skills and strategies you need to scale your business and strike a successful work-life balance.

At Brainiact, we are driven by one motivation – to help small to medium-sized businesses prosper. Our Brainiact business coaches are committed to their clients. They are available around the clock, offering the constant accountability and support business owners need to grow. At Brainiact, we’re with you every step of the way.

Brainiact business coaches operate with trust and true partnership. Our business coaching services are offered on a no lock-in contract basis so you have the control and power to maintain the services that you want and need.

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Our Team

Jared Dawson
Founder and Brainiact Business Coach
Natalie Dawson
Director of Brand and Communications
Jill Tengco
Content Manager
Darlee Urbiztondo
Graphic Designer
Ranya Akacha
Head of Franchise Partner Success
Emma Maher
Customer Success Manager
Marianne Aromin
Project Officer

Our Brainiact Business Coaches

Jared Dawson
Founder and Brainiact Business Coach
Roger Jowett
Franchise Partner and Brainiact Business Coach
Davinia Upshall
Franchise Partner and Brainiact Business Coach
Andrew Summerton
Franchise Partner and Brainiact Business Coach
Paul Wilkey
Franchise Partner and Brainiact Business Coach
Andy Roost
Franchise Partner and Brainiact Business Coach
brainiact mission

Our mission

To drive the growth and profitability of 10,000 businesses by 2030, transforming lives and shaping futures.

OUR Story

Brainiact was born through a dedication to helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive

In 2021, Jared Dawson went out on a limb and left his well-paid corporate job to launch Brainiact. After an extensive international and national career in business-to-business executive roles, Jared knew his knowledge and passion could be better used elsewhere.

brainiact story
our story

After seeing the challenges small to medium business owners faced every day in Australia Jared knew how he could help. Small to medium business owners often lack support and are overlooked by business coaches, despite small businesses being the lifeblood of the Australian economy. Knowing this, Jared committed himself to sharing his two decades worth of national and international experience and expertise in business strategy, business planning, sales, and marketing with business owners across Australia.

Fueled by his dedication to help, rather than just earn a profit, Jared continually places clients first and this mentality has been the foundation for Brainiact as a whole. Jared and the Brainiact team are passionate about helping small to medium business owners gain greater confidence and understanding over their business processes and decisions.

Building strong relationships with business owners based on accountability, honesty, trust, and passion is at the heart of what Brainiact does.

Our vision

To connect the world's business owners with support and resources to empower their success.

our mission

Our Values



We are committed to always delivering open and honest communication.



Trust is central to all aspects of our business operations and processes.



Accountability is crucial for the success of Brainiact and our clients.



We prioritise strong client relationships to ensure continuous success.



We put the needs and success of small to medium-sized business owners first.

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No contracts, ever!

Brainiact is built on trust. We want you to have confidence in both Brainiact itself and our ability to meet your organisation’s needs.

No lock-in contacts. Cancel any time. When you join Brainiact, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected commitments or hidden costs.

Over 80 five-star reviews

Jared Dawson

Founder and Business Coach

Jared Dawson is the founder of Brainiact and a fellow business coach. Jared has an impressive global leadership career in business-to-business executive roles, but his passion for entrepreneurship has driven him to establish Brainiact, where he uses his expertise to help small and medium-sized business owners achieve their dreams.
With over 16 years of corporate experience, Jared possesses a wealth of knowledge in business strategy, planning, sales, and marketing. He has worked in executive roles in business, sales, and marketing for some of the world’s largest industrial distribution and B2B businesses such as Motion Asia Pacific, James Hardie, Case IH, New Holland, and Iveco. His extensive experience has allowed him to drive organisational excellence and lead multi-million-dollar budgets to drive strategic change, cultural success, and sustainable growth.

Now, Jared is a seasoned business coach with a proven track record of helping small business owners reach their full potential and achieve their goals. He has a genuine love for seeing other business owners grow and reach their targets, week by week. Jared’s ultimate goal is to help 10,000 business owners reach their full potential, and he is now embarking on a journey to bring his expertise to a wider audience through franchising.
Jared’s dedication to helping entrepreneurs succeed is unwavering, and he is always prepared to support anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level. He loves what he does and derives immense pride and satisfaction from seeing his clients grow and succeed.

When he’s not busy supporting his clients or expanding Brainiact, Jared loves to watch Premier League highlights and spend quality time with his family.

Natalie Dawson​

Director of Brand and Communications​

Natalie is a highly accomplished professional with a strong passion for writing and communication. As Brainiact’s Director of Brand and Communications, Natalie is responsible for overseeing the company’s entire branding and communications strategy. Her primary focus is to ensure that Brainiact acquires, retains, and supports its clients through fostering genuine human connections and engagement through branding and strong communication strategies.

With a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism from Western Sydney University, Natalie returned to the university as an outstanding project coordinator, communications officer, and web manager. Throughout her previous roles, she successfully led campaigns, increased conversion rates, and managed internal communication channels for various audiences, including staff, students and alumni.
Natalie is also the founder and director of Elite Words, a company that specialises in creating elite stories and content strategies that help businesses, organisations, and individuals succeed. Her results-driven mindset and love for storytelling have led to numerous successful campaigns, impactful content marketing strategies, and successful storytelling pieces. Her expertise is a valuable asset to Brainiact’s growth and the empowerment of small to medium-sized businesses.

When she’s not working, Natalie enjoys gardening, cooking, watching football (soccer), and travelling to new places.

Jill Tengco

Content manager

Jill is the content manager at Brainiact and is excited to contribute to our mission of helping build, lead and grow businesses around the world. As the content manager, Jill develops, produces, and leads the execution of content strategies and campaigns. She works closely with her team to create and deliver useful and inspirational resources that empower business owners to succeed.

Prior to joining Brainiact, Jill worked as a content writer for Elite Words, where she honed her skills in producing exceptional content for clients across a variety of industries. Now, she takes her passion and expertise in writing compelling copy and creating outstanding content to help small and medium business owners reach their full potential.

In addition to her professional experience, Jill holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Media (Communication and Journalism) from the University of New South Wales. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travelling and exploring new cuisines Sydney has to offer.

Darlee Urbiztondo​

Graphic Designer​

Darlee is an exceptional graphic designer driven by her passion for creating visually captivating and meaningful designs. With a focus on providing innovative and creative solutions, she uses her work to inspire business owners across the globe. From illustrating children’s books to conceptualising and producing various branding materials, Darlee is well-versed in graphic design.

Darlee spent seven years as a senior graphic designer in Dubai, where she advanced her skills and developed an impeccable eye for detail. She graduated from Mindanao State University in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in International Relations and Affairs, where she was named Artist of the Year and served as president of the OKIR University Art Club.

Outside of creating stunning designs, Darlee likes to spend her time drawing, swimming, reading books, and watching television. With her combination of artistic talent and technical expertise, Darlee is a valuable asset to any project she works on.

Ranya Akacha

Head of Franchise PArtner Success

As Brainiact’s Head of Franchise Partner Success, Ranya plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of our Franchise Partners. She does this by providing regular support programs for our Franchise Partners and generating national-level opportunities with other franchise businesses. Her focus on demand generation is a critical aspect of our franchise growth.

Ranya has a rich background in business management and entrepreneurship. She has worked with major organisations like Ernst & Young and Qantas Airways, focusing on change management, business improvement, and project management. Over two decades, Ranya has owned and operated diverse businesses, from a beauty salon to a chemical manufacturing company. She has also been running her own successful business coaching and consulting firm for more than six years, which provides her with valuable skills that she applies in supporting our Franchise Partners.

Ranya’s experience gives her a unique understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business successfully. She knows firsthand the challenges business owners face and uses this insight to help our Franchise Partners achieve their goals and expand their businesses.

Emma Maher

customer success manager

Emma Maher boasts a remarkable 15-years in digital marketing and project management. She has had key roles at major organisations like Swinburne University, where she led digital transformation initiatives and greatly improved marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Emma is known for her skills in planning and improving work processes. She was also awarded Gold for Best Response to COVID-19 at the Festival of Media Awards. 

Emma is renowned for her work with clients, driving significant growth in digital traffic, lead generation, and form completion rates. At Brainiact, Emma ensures our clients are looked after by handling client inquiries, finding new business opportunities, setting up referral partnerships, and keeping in touch with clients to meet their needs. Emma’s skills are key to helping the growth of our franchise partners, clients and Brainiact brand itself.  

Outside of work, Emma enjoys being active in the great outdoors, from the beach to the mountains, in the sun or the snow.  Emma loves skiing, riding bikes and riding waves with family. She is passionate about cooking, reading, and exploring new places. You’ll often find Emma being crafty and creative at any opportunity that she can find!

Marianne Aromin

project officer

Marianne is Brainiact’s Project Officer with over two decades of diverse experience in Human Resources and Administration roles, spanning industries such as Education, Construction, Food, and Retail. Across the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines, Marianne has contributed her expertise as a Human Resources Officer, Project Coordinator, and Executive Secretary for a number of esteemed companies.

Marianne is certified as a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) and Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM) from the Regional Educational Institute LLC. She is also certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management UK (ILM UK).

Marianne‘s extensive skill set plays a crucial role in Brainiact’s projects, which aim to connect business owners with support and resources to empower their success. In her downtime, Marianne loves to read books, watch Korean dramas and true crime documentaries, and go on long walks.