Video & Photography Business Coach

At Brainiact, we help videographers and photographers like you turn passion into profit. Our private coaching services are tailored to your unique needs, from sharpening your marketing skills to boosting your bottom line. Find out how one-on-one coaching can help you build a successful photography business.

How can business coaching help your photography business?

Running a video and photography business takes more than just capturing beautiful images. You need to master the art of business too. 

Do you find yourself struggling to get clients? Are you unsure about pricing your services correctly? Or do you feel lost in a crowded market? These are common hurdles for photographers that can slow growth.

That’s where Brainiact business coaching comes in. Our mentors help small business owners tackle these issues head-on with expertly crafted business strategy and tailored advice. With no lock-in contracts, we’re here to simplify the business side, so you can focus on capturing those perfect moments.

Ready to give your business a picture-perfect boost?

Brainiact coaching services tailored to your industry

Every videography and photography business has its unique style and way of running things. At Brainiact, we offer one-on-one coaching services that are personalised to your own needs. Check out our customisable solutions…

Personalised marketing strategies

Whether you want to showcase stunning wedding videos or capture cinematic corporate photos, we help you develop a marketing plan that speaks directly to your target audience. From social media to local advertising, we tailor each strategy to get your work noticed and appreciated in all the right circles.

Financial planning and pricing

Knowing your worth can be tricky. Stop guessing how much you should be charging. We’ll help you set pricing that reflects the value of your art while staying competitive and profitable. Our financial planning services will guide you through cost management to keep your business booming.

Client relations and retention

Whether you’re behind the camera at a photo shoot or editing in the studio, build lasting connections with your dream clients. We provide tailored advice on improving client communication, enhancing customer service, and creating memorable services that keep your clients coming back for more.


Experience customised coaching services that are just right for your business

Why Brainiact business coaching works for photographers

You’re the expert in video and photography, while we’re the experts in running and growing businesses. Our business coaches are seasoned leaders, with years of experience building successful enterprises from scratch. 

Our private coaching is designed for photographers and videographers, with industry-specific advice you can use right away. We tailor everything to fit your specific goals. Let us handle the business side so you can focus on what you do best – capturing amazing shots.

Jared Dawson

Photography and videography success stories

Hear from those who’ve turned their creative talents into booming businesses with Brainiact’s help.

Karem was great at photography but found the business side challenging. With our guidance, she streamlined her operations, managed her finances better, and started outsourcing tasks. This helped her manage her time to focus on growing her business.

Karem’s story is a great example of how we help shift from just getting by to truly thriving.

I thought being busy meant I was being productive. But Brainiact taught me otherwise. I wasn’t making enough money for the time I was putting in, and I was exhausted. Having my business coach there to keep me focused and accountable was so great for me and my business.

Brainiact’s expert business coaches for video and photography

Our coaches are masters of business growth and innovation. From construction to hair and beauty, they bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse fields, so they can offer fresh, out-of-the-box ideas that are perfect for any small business owner looking to grow a profitable photography business. They can spot exactly what your business needs to flourish.

Think of Brainiact coach as your business partner, committed to your long-term success.

brainiact business coach

Transform and grow your business with Brainiact

Imagine a future where your schedule is packed with ideal clients, your earnings are reaching new heights, and your business is truly thriving. With Brainiact, that future is within your reach.

Want to grow your team, break into new markets, or just boost your daily profits? Your photography business mentor will guide you every step of the way. 

Push the boundaries of what you can achieve with a Brainiact business coach.

Photo and videographer business resources

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Thinking about getting a photography or videography business coach? This article breaks down what a coach does, the benefits and drawbacks, and how to choose the right one for your needs. 

Turning talent and passion into business success

Photographers are often driven by passion but can feel overwhelmed without a clear business direction. Learn how Karem Nunez, Director of Karem Photography, overcame this with help from a Brainiact coach.

Dedication doesn’t cost you a penny

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At Brainiact, we measure your success through business metrics and client satisfaction. We track key performance indicators like revenue growth, client acquisition rates, and operational efficiency. Your satisfaction is also a measure of success as we check to ensure you’re constantly seeing the benefits of our partnership.

We never give generic advice. We’ll tailor our coaching to the unique needs of videographers and photographers, focusing on creative business strategies, niche marketing techniques, and effective client management. Our coaches know the ins and outs of business and will tailor their advice to the photography industry, ensuring you stand out in the competitive landscape.

A business coach helps you improve your business skills and strategy. They focus on topics like cash flow, marketing, leadership, and systems and processes.

On the other hand, a photography mentor typically concentrates on your artistic development and technical skills. While mentors guide you in improving your craft, our coaches empower you to grow and manage your business effectively.

Brainiact focuses on building basic business skills for amateur photographers and getting your first clients so you have a solid starting point.

For professional photographers, we’ll shift the focus towards advanced strategies in scaling, marketing techniques, and optimising your operations. This tailored approach means that whatever stage your business is in, our coaching can push it forward.

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