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Expand your business acumen and ignite your entrepreneurial journey with our captivating Better Business Books collection, offering a treasure trove of expert knowledge, practical tips, and invaluable wisdom to empower you in building a thriving and prosperous enterprise.

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At Brainiact, we want to empower business owners, like yourself, by providing valuable and unique resources. That’s why we’ve created an amazing collection of free digital books designed to inspire and equip you for success.

Brainiact’s Better Business Books are the ultimate resource for business owners who want to stay ahead of the game. Our books are packed with practical tips and strategies to help you grow your business and see long-term results.

Book 20:

Leadership practices to thrive in business

You need to look after your own well-being before you can effectively lead others. Find out how to be your best self and build a better business.

Book 19:

Setting goals to transform your business

Many business owners lose out because they don’t understand the importance of setting goals or what it involves. Find out how clear goals can make a huge difference.

Book 18:

How to market yourself as an entrepreneur

Learn how to truly be the face of your business! With this book, you’ll overcome the challenges of self-promotion, and learn how to market yourself and captivate your audience. 

Book 17:

Mastering cash flow management for small businesses

Navigating the financial waters as a small business owner can feel like sailing through a storm. Use these tips to keep your money in check and grow your business.

Book 16:

When your business hits a plateau

Has your thriving business suddenly hit a wall? This book is full of effective strategies to overcome plateaus, sustain growth, and keep an upward trajectory in your small business.

Book 15:

Lessons from the COVID pandemic that will help your business

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the business world forever. What can you learn from the pandemic to help your business grow and ensure its sustainability for the years to come?


Book 14:

Market, Connect, Grow: Social Media for SMEs

Every small-to-medium enterprise should be leveraging social media. But where do you start? How do you manage it? How do you target the right customers? Here is the ultimate guide.

Book 13:

Mastering work-life balance as a business owner

Struggling to juggle business and personal life? Scared of loosening the reins a little bit? Discover unique strategies for mastering work-life balance as a business owner in this guide.

Book 12:

A guide on how to start your business

So, you want to start your own business? This guide has everything you need to know, from how to register your business to preparing for tax. This is your one-stop business guide.

Book 11:

How to level up your networking game

Dread the thought of networking? It doesn’t have to be an intimidating chore. With this book, dive deep into the nuances of building genuine business relationships that last.

Book 10:

Perfecting your business model

Every business, new or old, big or small, needs a well-thought-out business model. With this book, you can build a business model that ensures your business is profitable and continues to grow.

Book 9:

Free AI tools to help your business grow

With AI, you’re not just streamlining processes; you’re bringing growth, innovation, and a competitive edge. But with so many AI assistants out there, how do you pick the right one? 

Book 8:

Setting yourself up as the employer of choice

If you’re struggling with getting job applicants to show up to an interview on time, finding staff who are committed and reliable, or retaining talent, this digital book has the solutions for you.

Book 7:

The importance of having purpose in your business

Before you understand how you’re going to grow your business, you need to understand why you want to. This book will redefine how you perceive and approach your business.

Book 6:

An introvert's guide to sales

Contrary to popular belief, introverts can be great salespeople too. This book is full of tips on how to shine in sales and build lasting client relationships without changing who you are.

Book 5:

From solo to super team

Thinking about expanding your team? This guide has everything you need, including how to know it’s the right time to hire, how to go about hiring, and how to lead your new team to success.

Book 4:

Unlocking innovation and creativity in your business

Don’t think of yourself as a creative leader? Think again! This guide will show you how to unleash your creativity and grow an innovative business step by step.

Book 3:

Maximising your award nominations

Was your business nominated for an award? Learn how to use your nomination to increase your brand visibility and grow your business with this guide.

Book 2:

Entrepreneurial mindset

Unlock the secrets of entrepreneurial success! Improve your creativity, innovation and resilience and build a thriving business. Are you ready to think like an entrepreneur?

Book 1:

Transitioning from tools to management

Learn how to transition smoothly from employee to business owner. Make informed decisions, move forward with confidence, and take your business to the next level with these essential tips.

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