Guiding this SME to success through financial clarity

“My Brainiact business coach is a great sounding board for all my business ideas, giving me the confidence to run and grow my business,” – Sultan Kirby, Managing Director, Compound Fitness

An inevitable part of running a small to medium-sized business is facing many challenges that need smart solutions. Compound Fitness, founded and led by Sultan Kirby, is a business that was growing fast but needed help with some of the tricky issues that come with a growing business. This case study looks into how Brainiact helped steer Compound Fitness towards greater success.

The challenge
Six months back, Compound Fitness was at a turning point. The business had grown quickly over two years but Sultan needed help understanding its finances and backend operations.

“I knew what I was good at, which was the front end of the business, like talking to people,” says Sultan, explaining the early problems. “But I was very aware of my limitations, like handling accounts and other parts of the finance side.”

“It was the numbers, the reports I was struggling with – understanding where we could charge more, save on operating expenses, and all the logistics involved.”

The business also needed help in creating a stable client acquisition strategy and improving operational efficiency.

These are issues many business owners know all too well. Sultan decided then, that the best option for him was to admit he needed help and seek the guidance of an experienced business coach.

The decision for change
Big change came when Sultan decided to get help from outside to manage the business better. He chose Brainiact because a friend, who had a great experience with a Brainiact business coach, recommended them.

“Brainiact is known for giving great advice and support, and that’s exactly what we needed,” explains Sultan. “And after talking to my now business coach, I was sure Brainiact was the right pick for us.”

The Brainiact solution
Sultan’s Brainiact business coach possesses a wealth of experience in scaling SMEs. The coach’s approach was holistic, focusing not just on immediate issues but on fostering long-term growth and stability. Together, they worked on understanding the finance side of things, optimising Compound Fitness’s pricing strategy, and implementing efficient operational strategies to make the business run smoother.

“My Brainiact business coach was instrumental in helping us understand our numbers better,” shares Sultan. “He gave us strategies to enhance our revenue and streamline our expenses, which was exactly what we needed.”

Through it all, Sultan’s business coach also helped him become a better leader and business owner. They helped Sultan improve his organisation and time management skills – two crucial factors for leading a business.

The transformation
The help from a Brainiact business mentor made a big difference. “I don’t think we would have seen the revenue growth we’re experiencing now without our mentor’s guidance,” says Sultan. “But the main thing our coach did was set us up for growth.”

This preparation includes strategic planning to take the business internationally, with his Brainiact business coach playing a key role in devising and implementing the necessary strategies.

“It’s not just the short-term fixes,” says Sultan. “It’s about building a strategy for the long haul. My business coach has been great in helping us think bigger, plan for our international expansion, and really understand the steps we need to take to get there.”

One of the most significant changes Sultan notes is in leadership style. “My business coach taught me the importance of detaching myself from the team,” says Sultan. “This meant going from being a friend to being a leader. This shift has allowed me to delegate more effectively, communicate better with my staff, and ultimately, grow the business more smoothly.”

The best part about a business coach
When asked about the best part of working with Brainiact, Sultan was quick to answer. “It’s the wins they helped me achieve,” says Sultan. “My Brianiact business coach has a way of making complex things simple. They also helped me see where we could save money and potentially increase our prices without losing customers.”

However, it wasn’t just his coach’s suggestions on strategies that helped Sultan’s business grow. It was also the constant support and words of encouragement the coach provided. Sultan and his coach collaborated as a team to better understand the numbers and come up with actionable strategies for the problems they faced. “He’s not just a coach; he’s a true partner in our growth,” says Sultan.

Kirby’s confidence in the business and in himself has noticeably improved. “My coach taught me to believe in myself, to stick to my guns when making decisions rather than worrying about pleasing everyone,” says Sultan. “This advice has been invaluable in fostering a culture of trust and respect within the business.”

Compound Fitness’s journey with Brainiact shows the profound impact of expert business coaching. Through targeted strategies, dedicated and friendly support, and insightful leadership training, Brainiact has not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Compound Fitness but has also laid the groundwork for its future success.

Sultan’s parting advice to other business owners considering a coach is emphatic: “It’s absolutely worth it. If you’re looking to expand and grow your business, a Brainiact business coach can be your secret weapon. They have been so much more than a business coach.”

“There’s a sense of confidence that comes from having someone like a Brainiact business coach in your corner. They’re a calming presence, a voice of reason when things get hectic. They help you navigate some really challenging situations with a level head.”

In a fast-changing business world, the journey of Compound Fitness with Brainiact highlights how smart leadership coupled with the right advice can lead a company to grow and succeed like never before.

Our team at Brainiact are thrilled to see the success Compound Fitness has found with their Brainiact business coach. We look forward to our ongoing partnership and seeing them continue to grow in the future.

If you want to take the plunge and work with one of our business coaches, enquire today! On the other hand, if you would like to become a Brainiact business coach yourself, contact us for more information.