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Personalised 1-on-1 business coaching

Unlock your full potential with personalised 1-on-1 business coaching that maximises growth, increases profits, and drives tangible results.

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Business plans and actions

Join forces with us and pave your path to triumph with personalised business plans. We’ll lead the way and keep you accountable.

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Brainiact Business Doctor

Urgent business problem? Call Brainiact Business Doctor for on-demand, expert guidance. Customised advice to steer you through challenges.

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Business Coaching

Second-to-none business coaching

At Brainiact, we don’t offer the same run-of-the-mill advice and guidance. Our personalised one-on-one coaching is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals, giving you the individual attention and guidance you need to grow your business.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow your business, or need guidance on how to manage your team, we are here to help.

Business Plan Writing

Planning for success

At Brainiact, our exceptional business coaching services go beyond just writing business plans; we collaborate closely with entrepreneurs to craft comprehensive, tailored, and actionable business plans that pave the way for success. Our expert team combine industry insights, market research, and proven methodologies to deliver business plans that captivate investors, drive growth, and turn visions into reality.

Planning for success
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Ready to invest in your business and reap the rewards? Find out more about working with a Brainiact business coach. 

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Meet Brainiact's Founder

Jared Dawson founded Brainiact after a long and successful international career in the corporate world. While he loved his job, he saw the challenges small to medium business owners faced and knew he could make a difference. Established in 2021, Jared has been dedicated to working with SMEs ever since and has helped businesses across Australia thrive. 

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Unlock a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insights for business success by delving into our collection of Better Business Books —your ultimate resource to gain the competitive edge and unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

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Leader Talk Podcast

Available everywhere

Clint Hewish is the Founder and Managing Director of Concept Electrical Estimating. Since founding the company in 2017, Clint has expanded it to include mechanical and plumbing estimating, as well as electrical design.

Concept Electrical Estimating partners with tier 1 and tier 2 contractors across the commercial and residential sectors. The company provides estimating services and project management, significantly helping contractors, developers, and builders in securing more projects and ensuring timely delivery. Clint’s expertise in cost planning, budgeting, and procurement has helped hundreds of businesses enhance their quoting processes and scale effectively.

Ivan Tandyo is the CEO and founder of Navanti Holdings, an investment company for diversified businesses.

Starting with a small food and beverage venture in 2003, Navanti Holdings expanded to multiple restaurants in Melbourne’s city centre. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to diversify into the property business, establishing Xynergy Investment Group in 2008 across Australia and SEA countries. Under Ivan’s leadership, Navanti now owns 20+ subsidiaries spanning the manufacturing, services, and property development sectors. Ivan also created the 11th Space Business Hub, nurturing SMEs and start-ups across Australia and Indonesia. Committed to social impact, he mentors potential leaders through NFoundation.

Charlotte Lloyd is the CEO and founder of Charlotte Lloyd Sales Consulting, specialising in LinkedIn and sales coaching for solopreneurs, founders, and B2B companies.

Charlotte has coached hundreds of sales representatives and entrepreneurs. With over 20 years as a top sales performer, she now helps business owners increase sales pipelines and client conversions by teaching effective social selling and personalised cold outreach strategies. Her accelerator program enhances social selling skills on LinkedIn for small to medium-sized businesses, using content creation and targeted outreach to engage prospects. Charlotte was in the Top 50 Sales Creators in 2023 and Top 30 Women in Sales to follow on LinkedIn Monster Connect in March 2023.

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Our mission

To drive the growth and profitability of 10,000 businesses by 2030, transforming lives and shaping futures.

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