Profit Path Finder Bundle v1

Profit Pathfinder: Business Growth Coach

Expert business coaching to drive business performance and growth

Profit Pathfinder: Business Growth Coach

Expert business coaching to drive business performance and growth

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What is Profit Pathfinder?

Profit Pathfinder is our affordable coaching package carefully designed to help your small business find success. Whether you want to scale your operations, improve your cash flow, win customer loyalty, or build a powerful brand, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you’ll get in the tailor-made package:

A 90-minute business coaching session with an expert business coach

A 90-day custom plan that includes short and long-term goals and action items

A set of strategic business tools and templates

A follow-up consultation after the 90 days to ensure sustained success

Every plan and strategy we offer are 100% personalised to your business. When you sit down with a Brainiact business growth coach, it’s real talk with a real business coach – no AI, no one-size-fits-all template. Just customised advice that fits like a glove.

Get transformative strategies and support from expert coaches dedicated to helping you see results. With over 100 5-star Google reviews, we offer the tools and expertise you need for lasting business growth.

Is Profit Pathfinder right for you?

If you’re a startup or small to medium business owner, this package is for you. Designed to help you overcome challenges in growth and operational efficiency, this package is ideal for business owners worldwide who want to see real, sustainable growth.

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Profit Pathfinder is especially useful if your small business earns less than $5 million annually and you:

Feel lost and need direction to push your business forward.

Want to boost your sales and profits but aren’t sure how.

Crave more support and expert guidance.

Often feel alone when making big business decisions.

This package offers the support and guidance you need to handle issues in sales, customer problems, working capital and cash flow, and long-term strategic planning, all at an affordable cost. 

It’s flexible and can be tailored to any business size or type, ensuring that our coaches’ advice fits your needs.

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Why choose Profit Pathfinder growth coaching

Our business coaching strategies are guaranteed to work across any industry. Here are the amazing business benefits you’ll gain:

Building a brand

  • Craft a unique brand identity that stands out.
  • Increase your visibility online and offline.
  • Access expert guidance and tools that help you define and communicate your brand’s message clearly.

Scaling operations

  • Use our structured templates to design efficient organisational charts and roles.
  • Get a checklist of growth strategies that help you expand without the growing pains.
  • Streamline your operations to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Customer acquisition

  • Implement proven strategies for attracting new customers.
  • Use customisable communication templates to keep your audience engaged.
  • Learn tactics for turning leads into loyal customers.

Cash flow management

  • Get hands-on with sophisticated tools designed for your business needs.
  • Receive personalised coaching to develop and refine your financial strategies.
  • Optimise your cash flow to build a more profitable business.
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How much does this business coaching cost?

Investing in your business’s future doesn’t have to break the bank. The Profit Pathfinder package offers comprehensive business coaching for just $500 + GST.

Other business coaching programs can cost thousands, but we offer all the essentials – intensive coaching, a customised 90-day plan, crucial business tools, and a follow-up session – all for one affordable price.

Things don’t always go as planned, and that’s okay. You can pause your 90-day plan and reschedule your follow-up at no extra cost, ensuring you always get the full benefit of your investment.

We track the success of our coaching by your achievements and the glowing reviews from our clients. We ensure you’re investing in real results.

Unlike other pricey business coaching programs, Profit Pathfinder gives you expert guidance and lasting outcomes for just $500 + GST. It’s perfect for businesses aiming for growth at an affordable price.

Profit Path Finder Bundle v1

What’s included in Profit Pathfinder?

This package is your toolkit for long-term business growth. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included…

What’s included in Profit Pathfinder?

This package is your toolkit for long-term business growth. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included…

Profit Path Finder Bundle v1

Strategic business growth tools and templates

Our tools and templates are the secret to a smoother, more efficient business. From organisational charts to communication templates, you’ll get everything you need to organise, plan, and communicate effectively. They’re easy to use and fit any industry, making daily operations a breeze. 

Templates include:

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PLUS, you’ll get our entire collection of e-books, called Brainiact Better Business Books, plus lifetime updates whenever new titles are released!

Once you sign up for Profit Pathfinder, we’ll email you these tools and templates directly. Start using them right away to streamline your processes and see real improvements in your daily operations.

90-minute intensive coaching session

Sit down with a dedicated and experienced Brainiact business coach, who is also an experienced business owner, for 90 minutes.  Together, you’ll set short- and long-term goals and craft a fully customised action plan targeting your business needs.

90-day bespoke growth plan

This one-of-a-kind plan is made just for your business. Over 90 days, you’ll get a step-by-step guide that helps you hit your short and long-term goals. It includes clear, custom actions and steps to take your business to the next level.

30-minute follow-up consultation

After your 90 days, you won’t be left completely on your own. We offer a 30-minute consultation to review your progress and adjust where necessary. Want more support? You can book another session or explore other ongoing business coaching packages.

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How to book a Profit Pathfinder growth session

Booking your Profit Pathfinder session is straightforward:

  1. Simply click the ‘BUY NOW’ button below.
  2. Complete the checkout process by entering your payment details and receive a confirmation of your purchase,
  3. After checkout, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your 90-minute intensive coaching session. Choose a time that suits you best.

Meet your business growth coach: Jared Dawson

Jared Dawson is not just any business coach; he’s a seasoned expert in business strategy, planning, sales, and marketing. He has worked in executive roles in business, sales, and marketing for some of the world’s largest industrial distribution and B2B companies. 

As a business owner himself, Jared knows the challenges of growing a business. That’s why his approach is highly personalised, treating you as not just a client, but a business partner.

He has a proven track record coaching various sectors, including industrial distribution, health and wellness, automotive, trade,  HVAC, and security. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his coaching sessions.

This isn’t an AI-driven service or a one-size-fits-all model. Jared’s approach is tailored to your specific business needs and goals.

Jared Dawson

Real success stories from Brainiact clients

See how Lisa and Blake Walsh from BKW Electrical & Earthworks overcame organisational issues, streamlined their processes, and built their business thanks to Brainiact business coaching.

Read how Lidia and Paul Skordilis learnt to work with their strengths to grow their business with their Brainiact business coach.

In just six months, Scott Amphlett from Elevated Plumbing turned his struggling business around with the help of a Brainiact business coach, boosting profits and improving operations. Read his story here.

See how Karem Nunez from Karem Photography turned her passion for photography into a successful business with guidance from her Brainiact coach. 

What other clients say

Read over 100 five-star reviews on Google from clients who have completed the first part of their journey with a Brainiact business coach.

Jasmine Bow
Jasmine BowDirector, JB Graphic Design
Read More
Brainiact does an outstanding job at assisting clients with their business growth. Very professional, attentive, knowledgeable and tailored services for each individual's needs. I highly recommend Brainiact and its services.
Shari Lyon
Shari LyonDirector, Fluxwood Lighting
Read More
My Brainiact business coach is a kind and supportive person with a wealth of knowledge and business ideas. They have made a big impact on how I understand and think about pushing my company forward and I am grateful for their constant support and motivation. Thanks, Brainiact!
Margaret Jabbour
Margaret JabbourDirector, APM Electrical
Read More
Brainiact is professional and friendly with a wealth of business planning and growth knowledge. They have been a constant guide in helping us grow our business and they always go over and beyond offering their time and services. Thank you, Brainiact!
Lidia Skordilis
Lidia SkordilisManaging Director, Sydney Premium Plumbing
Read More
We were feeling very lost in our business and needed help streamlining and focusing our efforts. Brainiact has been an asset to our business and we saw a change after one session with our business coach. They provide guidance, insight and keeps us on track. I would HIGHLY recommend Brainiact if you are looking to take your business to the next level.
Salvatore Avati
Salvatore AvatiDirector, BlackJack Merchandising
Read More
I have been able to achieve great results in a very short time. My Brainiact business coach really holds you accountable and that is what I need. They have motivated me to look outside the square and that has really opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Thanks, Brainiact I really like working with you!
Rocco Furfaro
Rocco FurfaroManaging Director, Furfaro Architects
Read More
I signed up with Brainiact a little over 2 months ago for the development of my Architectural business. Brainiact are amazing business coaches whose advice and support are not only helping me take my business to the next level but gain the confidence in myself and my business to do so. Being the sole director of my firm, it's great to have access to my business coach 24/7 as someone to share ideas with, get advice or even have a supportive chat with. I look forward to continuing working with Brainiact and am excited about where they will help me and my business grow and succeed.
Paul Skordilis
Paul SkordilisManaging Director, Sydney Premium Plumbing
Read More
We are extremely happy with our decision to bring Brainiact on to help grow our business. From day one, they have provided us with practical advice on winning new commercial work - and their methods work! They are always available to chat and are an excellent sounding board whenever we have any issues we are not sure how to tackle.
Ivan Zapata
Ivan ZapataManaging Director, Diab's Cleaning Services
Read More
We signed up with Brainiact about a month ago and I can honestly say it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Brainiact has provided us with an incredible business coach, whose great advice is helping us take our business to the next level. We’ve been able to identify some areas that need to be improved. Their great advice is helping us achieve our business goals but most importantly to have a business owner mindset. Thank you, Brainiact.
Joe Duarte
Joe DuarteManaging Director, Clickhouse
Read More
I did Brainiact's coaching earlier this year and it was the best investment I have ever made. Not only was my coach a highly skilled and experienced business coach, but they were also a genuine person who I really bonded with on a personal level. They helped me transform my business from a struggling, overworked sole trader - to a company with direction, purpose and most importantly a plan. With Brainiact's guidance, I was able to map out a clear path to growth and diversification. I would hands down recommend Brainiact to anyone in business who wants to get to the next level but just isn't sure how. A million thanks from a very happy customer and friend!

Start your Profit Pathfinder journey today

Choosing Profit Pathfinder means investing in your business’s future. You’re setting your business up for success with tailored strategies, a dedicated business coach, and tools designed to accelerate growth. 

Booking your session is easy: simply complete your purchase, and you’ll receive an email with all the details you need to schedule your coaching session at a time that works best for you.


To ensure sustained success, you will receive follow-up support through email, SMS, or WhatsApp, and a 30-minute meeting at the end of the 90 days.

You can expect to see results within the first 2 to 4 weeks if you quickly implement the actions.

Yes, you can get feedback on your progress via text message or email. Upgrading to the Brainiact Business Doctor service is encouraged for dedicated in-person support.

No special software or tools are required to use the provided templates and tools.

You can measure success by whether you have attained your short-term goals in the 90-day plan, which are always financial.

Yes, you can get feedback on your progress via text message or email. For dedicated in-person support, upgrading to the Brainiact Business Doctor service is encouraged.

If you need more time to implement the plan, you can either do this on your own or rebook another session for $499 with the Profit Pathfinder product.

The coaching sessions are conducted online, allowing you to pick a time that best suits you.

There are no specific prerequisites, but it may be helpful to have an idea of your business goals and challenges to discuss during the session.

If you miss a session, you can reschedule it.

WhatsApp is the best way to reach out for support during the 90 days. You will be provided with a mobile number for this purpose.

Profit Pathfinder offers an unbeatable combination of tailored coaching sessions, strategic business tools and templates, and continuous support over a 90-day period for only $499. This represents phenomenal value and access to a business coach for an extended period.

If you have urgent questions or issues outside of regular business hours, consider upgrading to a different package with more access to the business coach.

The package handles confidential information with the utmost secrecy and confidence. Nondisclosure agreements can be signed as required by you.

Yes, you can pause the 90-day plan if something happens and rebook your 30-minute follow-up for a later date if required.