Increasing profitability from the start

“Brainiact has enabled me to grow my business, empowering me to increase my profitability and optimise my processes.”

– Scott Amphlett, Managing Director, Elevated Plumbing

When Scott Amphlett, Managing Director of Elevated Plumbing, first joined Brainiact, he was lost and struggling. Having started his business five years ago, he lacked the capabilities and knowledge to expand his business and continue growing. Now, after working with a Brainiact business coach for the last six months, Elevated Plumbing has grown into a profitable, successful business.

“Working with Brainiact was a last resort,” says Scott. “I was lost, struggling, and felt like I was missing something. I had all these goals but no framework or business knowledge to empower me to achieve them.”

Start charging what you’re worth
When we first began working with Scott, our main priority was to increase cash flow and profitability. While Scott had strong management practices, he lacked the understanding of pricing and the importance of charging the right amount. By encouraging Scott to increase his prices, he has been able to expand his business’s cash flow enabling him to stop working job-to-job and have enough income to push money back into improving his business.

“Before Brainiact, I was working job-to-job,” shares Scott. “It never felt like we could get ahead as a business, and it was a major stress for me every day.”

“The first thing we did was begin charging more; I never realised how badly I was undercharging. Without Brainiact, we would never have been able to get ahead. After we began charging more, I was less stressed and could put more time and effort into other areas of the business.”

Often, small to medium business owners struggle to grow because they simply have cash flow issues. Many business owners don’t realise how much more others are charging and continue to sell themselves short. A business coach has a better understanding of the broader picture and can help not only by explaining how much you should charge but can empower you to actually start charging it.

In addition to increasing his prices, Scott’s Brainiact business coach worked with him to find new areas he could expand his services and ways he could cut some costs. Prior to engaging with Brainiact, Elevated Plumbing only offered repair and installation services. Now, Scott has expanded into providing maintenance plumbing services to clients.

“Other than our pricing issues, we also hadn’t yet optimised our service offerings,” explains Scott. “By offering maintenance services we not only have more income streams but also can retain clients, which helps improve profits in the long-term.”

“Rather than relying on builders for providing me with work, I broadened our horizons and began gaining work for myself – I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the support of my Brainiact business coach.”

Altering behaviours for long-term success
While Scott already had solid management capabilities and displayed strong leadership, gaining an outside perspective enabled him to identify areas for improvement. One area was underperforming staff.

“While I knew some of my team were underperforming and costing the business, I didn’t know how to approach it properly,” says Scott. “My Brainiact business coach helped me take the necessary steps to deal with them appropriately.”

“Rather than just speaking to them, I gave them a formal warning in writing and had regular conversations about where they are lacking and how they could improve.”

Many small to medium business owners can often identify members of their team who may be underperforming but aren’t sure about the correct way to handle them. Rather than simply having the same conversation over and over, delivering formal written warnings enables the process to be smoother and offers the team member the opportunity to learn and grow.

“I have very good relationships with all my team and many of them are personal friends of mine or people I’ve worked with in previous jobs,” shares Scott. “Having an outside perspective to tell me who isn’t doing a good enough job or how I can deal with them, really helped me and enabled me to identify my potential business blind spots.”

Thinking to the future
Another area of improvement was empowering Scott to become more of a salesman and be able to convert leads. Prior to Brainiact, Elevated Plumbing primarily gained work through other builders who were working on projects that required a plumbing team. Scott’s Brainiact business coach set him the goal to begin reaching out to real estate agents and actually going into real estate offices, to sell his services and convert clients.

“I didn’t really consider or know how to go about finding work for myself,” explains Scott. “My Brainiact business coach set me the goal to go into real estate offices and actually speak to people.”

“Speaking to potential clients was what really made the difference – I could make real connections with people; they could see who I was and gauge my character better. It’s been a big improvement for my business.”

Changing these small things is one way our Brainiact business coaches empower small to medium business owners to create strong businesses that can withstand setbacks. While Scott could have maintained  Elevated Plumbing through his previous business model, he never would have been able to expand or succeed in the long-term.

“When I joined Brainiact, I joined with the idea that I was going to be here for the journey,” says Scott. “These small changes are not just to benefit me in the short-term, but to build up my business enough so that we can continue to grow without compromising everything I had already built.”

“I’ve stayed with Brainiact for so long because we’re both looking at the end goal. If I’m going to keep growing – which we will – I’m definitely not going to know what to do. I feel safe and supported knowing my Brainiact business coach is there to guide me.”

For Brainiact, we aren’t in the business of providing short-term solutions. To truly build a successful business, small to medium business owners need to invest time and effort into making meaningful changes.

“While I know I could do these things myself, having a business coach offered me the support and expert guidance I needed to do it quickly and correctly,” adds Scott.

For business owners
What Scott has loved about having a business coach is knowing that he has the support of an expert to guide him to his end goals. He has gained confidence, improved his communication and found the value in having a coach.

“I know a lot of people who are similar to me or are struggling with their business,” shares Scott. “A Brainiact business coach is a highly valuable asset and a worthy investment.”

“While it can seem expensive on the surface, when you see the profit and turnover after working with a Brainiact business coach, it’s worth it.”

Brainiact’s mission is to help small to medium business owners succeed. Our clients’ success is our success. We want to deliver the necessary tools and advice to help empower you to take control and build a thriving business.

“The main reason I continue to work with Brainiact is the increased profitability I experienced alongside the other nitty gritty stuff, such as marketing that I’ve never learnt as a former tradesman,” explains Scott.

When asked if he would recommend Brainiact, Scott says, “Yes, 100% I would recommend it to business owners.”

“If anyone is struggling, I would definitely recommend it. The information is valuable and there’s so much of it. I always leave our meetings having learnt something new and having a positive outlook on everything.”

Our team at Brainiact are beyond proud of the growth Elevated Plumbing has experienced since joining with Brainiact. We look forward to our continued partnership and seeing what else Scott achieves in the future.

If you would like to take the leap and connect with one of our business coaches, enquire today! Alternatively, if you want to take charge and own a Brainiact, contact us now.