From being sceptical to loving the process

“Working with Brainiact was the best thing we ever did.” – Lidia De Lutiis, Managing Director, Sydney Premium Plumbing

When Paul and Lidia, Managing Directors of Sydney Premium Plumbing, first got in contact with their Brainiact business coach, they were sceptical about the process and benefits of business coaching. After being referred to Brainiact by another business owner, they decided they had nothing to lose by meeting their Brainiact business coach.

Paul and Lidia met their Brainiact business coach informally at their friend’s business Christmas party and they agreed to a free introductory meeting – they have never looked back.

“Paul was a complete denier of getting coaching,” explains Lidia. “But after we met with our Brainiact business coach, we made a connection and decided to give it a go.”

“We had nothing to lose,” adds Paul. “We were a week out from having our baby and just thought if there was a time to change things up, it was now. After seeing the results our friends had achieved working with Brainiact, I thought they were the best people to help.”

Paul and Lidia, like many business owners, were wary about bringing in outside help. They questioned whether someone who didn’t work in their business or industry and didn’t know them personally would be able to offer them expert support.

Understanding the numbers
One of the first challenges Paul and Lidia’s Brainiact business coach tackled was ensuring they understood their business better. From the beginning, it was evident that cash flow and understanding the books was a challenge and a cause for stress.

“It wasn’t a business; it was a job,” shares Paul. “As long as we could pay our bills, we were happy, but this isn’t a growth mindset.”

“In the first meeting, our Brainiact business coach asked us about cash flow, and we couldn’t answer them – it was a bit embarrassing,” says Lidia. “We didn’t know our business; we didn’t know the numbers.”

To ensure they could grow and truly achieve their big business goals, they needed a better understanding of the numbers. Providing clear guidance and understanding surrounding this area of the business provided them with a starting point. It reduced the anxiety around owning their own business.

Lidia explains the best part about working with their Brainiact business coach was they stopped being afraid of the numbers.

“Paul used to not tell me things simply because it would stress me out too much – I just didn’t understand what the numbers meant,” says Lidia. “Now I have a much better understanding and I am no longer scared of that side of the business.”

“Our Brainiact business coach explained to us that we were operating as sole traders but trading as a company,” adds Paul.  “We started taking ownership over the numbers and recognising our leading role within the company.”

Working to our strengths
Often, it takes an outsider to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are in business. This is something Paul and Lidia experienced firsthand. Their Brainiact business coach immediately saw that Paul and Lidia had some amazing strengths they both weren’t capitalising on.

“Our Brainiact business coach taught me how to network better and that my personality was my biggest strength,” shares Paul. “Now, most of the jobs I get are through networking or meeting people face-to-face and capitalising on my personality.”

For Paul, Brainiact helped empower him and change his mindset. While he loves working on the tools, his Brainiact business coach has slowly encouraged him to move away from them so he can focus on the business more and the opportunities coming to him.

“Despite loving working on the tools, being away from them has enabled me to provide more quotes, gain more work and truly make our business prosperous,” explains Paul.

For Lidia, one of the best things their coach taught them was that if you don’t have the skills or knowledge, it’s okay to hire someone who does.

“As business owners, we often feel like we have to do and know it all,” shares Lidia. “But this isn’t the case. If you don’t have the skills or knowledge, surround yourself with people who do.”

Trusting their own skills and identifying areas where they lack skills was a big step forward and ultimately has improved their overall business performance.

Hiring someone externally to help you with your business can be a big benefit. Often, business owners can be blind to what they need to improve and where their strengths lie. A business coach can help.

Nothing to lose
Paul and Lidia have been working with their Brainiact business coach for almost a year. In this time, their business has grown exponentially. From working on the tools to now leading the business alongside his wife, Lidia, Paul has grown into his role with the support of Brainiact.

“Our Brainiact business coach turned us from a business that could barely make ends meet to one that’s experiencing exponential growth month on month,” shares Paul.

Like many businesses that come to Brainiact for help, Sydney Premium Plumbing lacked the structures and business procedures to truly succeed and expand.

“It was really important to put procedures in place to make sure the bones of the business were there,” shares Lidia. “Changing our mindset regarding how we go about work, how to get work and how our business operates was a critical step.”

Since implementing these changes, Paul and Lidia have experienced increased growth on a scale they wouldn’t have been able to achieve alone.

“We are experiencing record sales and have employed a number of new employees,” adds Paul.

When asked what the best part about working with Brainiact has been, both Paul and Lidia note it’s the increased revenue and cash flow. “We’re now making money,” says Lidia. “Whereas before, we were just focusing on making ends meet.”

“I don’t know any business owner who doesn’t want to make more money,” explains Paul. “A Brainiact business coach is what has helped us achieve this.”

Final thoughts
Paul and Lidia have seen immense progress since joining Brainiact. Asked whether they would recommend business coaching to others, they both immediately responded with YES!

“Any business that’s looking to grow should consider a Brainiact business coach,” says Lidia. “At the end of the day, it’s a small investment that reaps massive rewards.”

While business coaching can seem like a lot of money from the outset, Paul and Lidia believe it’s an investment that’s worth it.

“The return on investment is great,” says Paul. “But it’s more than that. Having someone in your corner that you have access to, whenever needed, is ideal for any business owner. If I need help making a decision, am in a bad mood or just need a bit of extra advice, our Brainiact business coach is always there.”

For Lidia, it’s the tailored advice that she finds most valuable. “The difference between reading a business book and having a Brainiact business coach is that their advice is tailored and they provide on the spot support,” says Lidia.

The accountability is what Paul loves the most about Brainiact. “Our business coach tells us how it is,” shares Paul. “If we haven’t done something, they’ll know, and we don’t want to let them down. This accountability is both the hardest and best part about having a business coach. If we don’t do something, they’ll tell you to do it – there’s no forgiveness.” 

If any business owners aren’t sure about whether they should get business coaching Lidia has this advice… “Don’t waste time, just do it! Brainiact gets you results, so why wouldn’t you give it a go?”

“There’s nothing to lose,” adds Paul. “Brainiact has no lock-in contracts, so if you’re not happy you can just leave. Go for it.”  

Our team at Brainiact are extremely proud of the growth Sydney Premium Plumbing has experienced since joining Brainiact. We look forward to our continued partnership and seeing what else Paul and Lidia achieve in the future.

If you would like to take the leap and connect with one of our business coaches, enquire today! Alternatively, if you want to take charge and own a Brainiact, contact us now.