Turning talent and passion into business success 

“Working with Brainiact has built up my confidence and helped me manage my time a lot better so that my business can actually grow.” – Karem Nunez, Director of Karem Photography

For many small business owners, passion drives their ventures. But passion without direction can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. This is where Karem Nunez, Director of Karem Photography, found herself before seeking help from a Brainiact business coach. While her heart was deeply invested in her craft, like many business owners, she struggled to navigate her way through the business side of things. With Brainiact’s guidance, Karem is turning her love for photography into a successful growing business. 

After only five months of partnering with her Brianiact business coach, Karem has seen great progress in her self-run business in terms of creating processes and managing time. Having worked with other business coaches in the past, Karem found her Brainiact business coach to be the most effective and helpful in providing genuine care and real results.  

“I’ve met other business coaches before,” explains Karem. “But when I first spoke to a Brainiact business coach, they seemed to have a more strategic approach to helping businesses. That’s what I needed.”  

The challenges  
Karem’s challenge wasn’t just about perfecting her shots; it was about merging her passion with a profitable business model. Distracted by a myriad of tasks, she constantly juggled between jobs, rarely accomplishing much. 

“I was running from job to job, being reactive instead of proactive, and wasn’t planning ahead or managing my time,” says Karem. “I needed someone to help me with time management and prioritisation. Being a sole business owner, there’s so much to keep on top of, it’s easy to get sidetracked.” 

“I thought being busy meant I was being productive. But Brainiact taught me otherwise. I wasn’t making enough money for the time I was putting in, and I was exhausted. Having my business coach there to keep me focused on what I had to do, and keep me accountable, was so great for me and my business.” 

The outsider’s advantage 
Many business owners are unaware of the magic that comes from looking outside of their industry for insights and guidance. Karem’s Brainiact business coach wasn’t from the photography sector. Instead of being a limitation, this became one of the greatest assets to Karem’s business growth. 

“I’ve had discussions with other photographers, and it always felt like we were in an echo chamber, cycling the same ideas,” says Karem. “But my Brainiact business coach brought fresh, out-of-the-box insights. They focused less on my industry and more on the business side. It’s like viewing your challenges through a different lens and finding great solutions because of it.” 

A key transformation for Karem was in cash flow management. Brainiact helped Karem set financial goals and the steps it will take to achieve them. Structuring solid processes in her work led to substantial financial growth. “In just a few weeks, I made more than I had in six months because my business coach helped me structure everything,” says Karem. “They also made sure I outsourced some post-production tasks so my shoots were like bang, bang, bang.”  

“My bank account kept growing but I wasn’t feeling stressed or overrun,” says Karem, astonished by the shift in her operations and the work-life balance she got as a result. 

At first, Karem was hesitant about outsourcing some of her tasks, given how she had a particular workflow and style to her images.  

“Handing that over felt nerve-wracking,” admits Karem. Many business owners, including Karem, think they only have to outsource work or hire employees when they’re really busy or earning a lot of money. But her Brainiact business coach urged the importance of outsourcing now so that she has more time. Delegating tasks, even before reaching the peak of business demand, has been a game-changer for Karem.  

“It seemed counterintuitive initially, but now I see the genius in it,” says Karem. “It freed my time, allowing me to focus on shooting and even enjoying personal time.” 

“Before Brainiact, I hadn’t even considered growing or hiring. Now, I actually believe it’s doable and I’ve made it my long-term plan. That’s not something I would’ve come to on my own. I wouldn’t have had the confidence or foresight to say I’m going to grow and hire people to do things while I do something else.” 

Beyond the business 
For many, the true impact of business coaching is not just in the numbers or the strategies, but in the personal transformation that takes place.  

“Many coaching relationships revolve around specific campaigns, but once those end, so does the momentum,” says Karem. “But with Brainiact, a lot of the lessons I’ve gotten aren’t just for the time that we work together, but they’re lessons I can use long-term, with other works I do.” 

But perhaps the most transformative takeaway for Karem was the surge in self-confidence. “When I used to organise headshot campaigns, I would be riddled with anxiety and stress,” admits Karem. “Working with Brainiact has built up my confidence. Now I think to myself, yep, I can do this. When an issue crops up, I now trust myself to find solutions. And again, this confidence boost is something that lasts long-term.” 

The best piece of advice  
When you turn a passion into a profession, it can be confusing to understand your monetary value. Brainiact helped Karem realise her worth.  

“It’s easy to undervalue your services when you enjoy your work,” says Karem. “You almost feel bad for charging money. My Brainiact business coach explained I am providing a valuable service. I owe it to other people to work with them; they need me to make sure they are being looked after. This helped me price my services confidently, knowing I offer unmatched quality.” 

A message to other business owners 
Karem would recommend a Brainiact business coach in a heartbeat. She believes every business owner needs a fresh pair of eyes dissecting your operations and urging you to concentrate on what truly drives returns.  

“It’s about having someone there telling you how to work smarter, not harder,” says Karem. “Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of your business. Having someone there to push me towards making decisions that I didn’t think I was ready for, has made all the difference.” 

A game-changer for Karem was Brainiact’s straightforward approach. “Other business coaches will string you along and pat you on the back,” explains Karem. “You could work with them for months and have very little progress because they don’t actually care about your growth. My business coach actually saw the potential in me and my business and worked hard for us to get it.”  

Karem is no longer operating with no direction, wasting time and money, and being overworked and tired. She found a business coach worthy of every cent.  

“People pour thousands into online ads and get very little return,” says Karem. “You could put that money towards a business coach instead, and what you get out of it lasts forever.” 


We, at Brainiact, are so proud of the growth Karem Photography experienced during their time with Brainiact. We look forward to seeing the amazing things Karem achieves in the future. 

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