The vision of Brainiact

A large majority of Australia’s economy is made up of small businesses. People have ventured into the world of entrepreneurialism for many reasons. Some might be looking for a way out of their soulless corporate job. Others want to be more self-sufficient. Many simply don’t want to work under someone else. However, a lot of these people that go into owning their own business struggle to understand the key drivers it takes to scale a business successfully.

The vision
A whopping two-thirds of Australia’s small businesses fail within their first three years. This is partly because they don’t know that there is helpful information out there that can guide them. That is why Brainiact’s vision is to connect the world’s business owners with support and resources to empower their success.

Brainiact’s founder, Jared Dawson, knows from his own personal journey, the fulfilment and purpose that comes from starting your own business. But he also knows the unique struggles that only small to medium-sized business owners face. He believes the failure rate would not be as high as it is if people only knew that support is out there to help them succeed. That is what the vision of Brainiact is built upon – making sure no one fails merely because they are unaware of the people out there that can help and empower them.

Our vision: To connect the world’s business owners with support and resources to empower their success.

By having this vision, Brainiact aims to share expert resources that business owners can use to grow from a thousand-dollar business to a multi-million dollar enterprise. We aim to break down the barriers many small to medium businesses face every day.

The mission
While many lack access to powerful information, there is also a flip side to it – too much information. Truthfully, everything to do with anything is available online. People can Google how to scale their business or search for online coaching courses, but that is all hit or miss in the end.

Many people, including our clients, have gotten stuck in a never-ending vortex of information and ended up discombobulated. When people are overloaded with options, they either freeze and don’t act at all, or they don’t choose what’s right for them. It is extremely common for business owners to want to grow their business but are paralysed by choice. They want to know what to do and have someone hold them accountable to do it.

That is where one-on-one business coaching becomes extremely valuable. Business owners need someone who can tell them what is best specifically for them and their business. They need someone who cares enough to hold them accountable and someone they can truly connect with to the point they feel supported emotionally.

Our mission: To individually coach business owners to build, lead and grow profitable enterprises.

Brainiact’s vision and mission work hand-in-hand. It is easy to connect business owners with helpful resources, but they need individual coaching to get real value out of the resources. Group coaching or online courses are, therefore, ineffective. It’s difficult to get support and specific resources tailored to what you and your business need in a group setting or via a generalised educational course.

At Brainiact, we firmly believe that the best way to empower businesses is to work with business owners one-on-one. A dedicated sacred relationship needs to be made between someone that wants help and someone who wants to provide them with that help. The best way to facilitate that is to work with them individually. That is how they get the results they both want and deserve.

That is the value of business coaching. The benefit to the client comes from the coach facilitating the growth process by working closely with each client and giving them the right resources, as opposed to all of the resources, to truly help them succeed.

At Brainiact, we like to think that our biggest competition is not other business coaches, but the business owners doing it on their own. Business coaching is not yet mainstream for Australian businesses like it is for other countries. We estimate 95% of small businesses out there are operating without a business coach. Many either see it as untrustworthy or don’t understand what it is. At the same time, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 7% of small businesses have an annual turnover of more than $2 million. So, while business owners can survive on their own, they need a business coach to provide the support and resources they need to thrive.

Part of the reason most businesses do not have business coaches is they are unaware of how beneficial the information they provide can be. It is unfortunate that a majority of small businesses fail merely because they lack awareness or refuse to accept help. Of our estimated 95% who don’t have a business coach, a large majority either don’t know business coaching exists or they think it is not worth the money. This is a huge tragedy. If business owners invested in a business coach and dedicated themselves to action, they will multiply the money they invested in as little as a few weeks to a few months.

The commitment
At Brainiact, we can say with a firm conviction that business coaching works, you just have to commit yourself to it. People pay for personal trainers at the gym every week, or for a pair of glasses every year. Business coaching is just another essential service you need to invest in to benefit in life. Spending money on a coaching service that works will give you a lot more value than trial and error.

Business coaches not only guide business owners through obstacles, but they can also produce information, templates, resources and networks to give them all the information they need. They suggest actions that business owners would never even think of doing without a business coach such as creating training materials for onboarding staff, outsourcing some key functions, or empowering staff.

Jared Dawson’s strongest belief is that every business, no matter what stage they’re in, needs a business coach to succeed. While there is lots of coaching material out there, figuring it out yourself simply does not work. That’s why our mission is to individually coach business owners to build, lead and grow profitable enterprises. To us, it’s all about the client’s success. You cannot get that in any online course or group training session. Our passion and care for our client’s growth are so palpable that even with no lock-in contracts, our clients continue to return to us time and again.

The values
At Brainiact, our five values are honesty, trust, accountability, relationships, and passion. These values are expected to be lived by both the coach and the client.

We often say to our clients when they first sign up with us, business coaching is a process that always works. We take this as a statement of fact as true as how the sun rises in the east, or how we drive on the left in Australia. Business coaching works as a fact, but only if three suppositions are followed.

The first supposition is that the client should commit to the process. This means taking the process seriously, showing up on time, and making it a priority. The second is a connection with the coach. The client needs to be open, humble, and transparent with their coach. With a guard up or a false projection of confidence, you cannot expect the coach to bring helpful results. The third is the client should commit to action. The coach and client agree on an action, and it’s up to the client to enact it.

Business coaching will only be beneficial if it has this intimacy factor. You can give a business owner a 100-page handbook on what to do, but it’s not going to work. It’s about the connection to someone who cares enough to hold the business owner accountable for the goals they’ve set. That is why Brainiact’s system works so well – it’s based on that care factor. Jared Dawson follows this system, and our franchisees will follow it too.

This is the vision, mission and values Brainiact is built upon. We are strong believers that through connecting the world’s business owners with the support and resources they may not be aware of, we can empower their success. It is our mission through one-on-one coaching based on passion and care that we help build, lead and grow profitable enterprises. We are passionate about seeing others succeed and know that with the right help, information, and resources, growing a successful business is not only possible but guaranteed.

If you want to join us in our vision to empower the world’s business owners, contact us about owning a Brainiact today!