The Power of Small Ideas for Your Business

Every business starts as an idea. Whether big or small, ideas power innovation and growth. Small ideas transform businesses from a start-up to an internationally recognised company.

How many businesses do you know that say how innovative, revolutionary and game changing their product or service is? All of them, right. But how many are actually changing the way businesses operate? Probably not many of them.

You see, small ideas need to be embedded into your business’s framework so that you consistently see growth and expansion. You can’t just say you’re pioneering new business ideas you actually have to be doing it. Small ideas ignite innovation and change the way the entrepreneur landscape operates. To be a powerhouse business you need to look at the fine details. It’s hard and it’s difficult to constantly create new ideas, but it is essential and Brainiact can help.

Get rid of self-doubt
Every idea is a leap of faith. Have you ever read a book about how a business changed from being a start-up to becoming a multinational company by playing it safe? Probably not. New ideas are scary, but they are the essence of innovation and advancement.

Removing your uncertainty, being positive and having confidence in yourself to succeed is when true success and growth begins. A business is only as strong as its leader and if you’re scared to take risks by implementing new ideas you will never be able to achieve your goals.

Entrepreneurship and uncertainty go hand in hand, but you can overcome self-doubt to become a confident leader. Here are some quick tips to overcome self-doubt and gain the confidence to execute your ideas:

  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Practice self-compassion.
  • Identify your successes and focus on them.
  • Trust yourself!

Creativity is innovation in motion
Embrace your inner child and foster your creativity! Creativity leads to innovation. Just as you see kids think of unique ideas to access their favourite snacks that are hidden in the pantry, so can you figure out new ways of marketing and revolutionising your business.

Self-doubt is like a rock that is obstructing the free flow of water, it’s got to be removed. By getting rid of your self-criticism, new and creative ideas will begin to flow. It is important that you brainstorm outside of the box, think about things differently, and try to consider areas in the market that are lacking.

Collaborate with others and foster a workplace where no idea is too silly or too wild. When people feel like they are being listened to, they are more likely to come to you with new ideas and who knows, maybe one of them will be what revolutionises your business. Google has famously employed a 20% rule, in which 20% of the employees’ time should be taken up with them thinking of new ideas that Google can employ. This has seen employees come up with the ideas of Gmail and Google News, applications that I’m sure most of you use daily.

Not every idea is a good idea
How is an entrepreneur like a boxer? Sometimes you’ve got to learn to take a hit. In a perfect world every idea that you come up with would result in profit and growth, but this is just unrealistic. Sometimes you’re going to try and implement a new idea and it’s just not going to work out like you wanted. And guess what? That’s okay.

Learning from your failures is what makes a good business become a great business. Through making bad decisions and choosing the wrong ideas it will only make you learn what a good idea is. Learning is a key factor in growth and as an entrepreneur and business owner you will have to start getting used to it now.

Small ideas can lead to big innovations and revolutionise your business. Don’t be afraid to try new things, implement new ideas and encourage employees to innovate your business. Creativity, collaboration, and learning are at the heart of great ideas. Go forth and start brainstorming, because you never know when one of your ideas will transform your business.

If you are struggling with brainstorming and identifying great ideas contact Brainiact today!

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