Smooth sailing for small business owners

“It’s great to have someone who is an expert in running a business guide and motivate me through my journey.”

Albert Costagliola, Director, Albert’s Auto Electrical

Albert Costagliola’s journey with Brainiact business coaching is a shining example of how seeking help from experts can pave the way to tremendous growth and success. Albert’s Auto Electrical was established in 2017, and while Albert was exceptional on the tools and providing excellent services, he faced challenges when it came to growing and managing the business. That’s when he decided to turn to Brainiact for guidance and skill building, and the results were nothing short of impressive. In just eight months, Albert has been able to overcome his biggest obstacles, including increasing revenue, expanding the team, and streamlining his operations.

Albert is a testament to how business owners may not think they need business coaching, but once they experience it, they don’t want to go without it. Early last year, Brainiact had reached out to Albert, and Albert was initially hesitant. However, when his family began to grow and his responsibilities multiplied, Albert knew he needed expert advice to take the business to the next level to support his family.

“I needed to grow my business and I knew getting someone who was an expert in doing so would be the best option,” explains Albert. “I didn’t know much about business coaching. In fact, Brainiact was the first one I’d ever heard of let alone tried out. But when I first spoke with my Brainiact business coach, I was quickly impressed and eager to start my journey with someone who really knew what they were doing.”

Getting it right the first time
Albert came to Brainiact with one clear motivation: he wanted to take his business to new heights. Although highly skilled and confident in his trade, Albert felt overwhelmed and lost when it came to things like business management, marketing, and recruitment. As a first-time business owner, he lacked the knowledge and experience needed to ensure his business could thrive in the long run.

“I realised that trial and error wasn’t the way to go,” says Albert. “I wanted to get it right the first time, and after hearing about the success others had with Brainiact, I knew getting an expert business coach was the right choice for me.”

From being on the tools to becoming the leader
Despite wanting to grow his business and increase profits, like many small business owners, Albert lacked the know-how needed to make it happen. It can be quite daunting to transition from working on the tools to being the boss, but Albert was determined to make his business thrive and enlisted the support to make it happen.

With his business coach’s help, Albert received solid, actionable steps to increase revenue and scale his business. “The valuable insight I got from them just made running my small business a whole lot easier,” shares Albert. “It helped me become a more confident and effective leader.”

Over the past few months of working with his Brainiact business coach, Albert has not only seen a great increase in sales and revenue but more importantly, he has improved core business processes and built a scalable business model.

One of Albert’s biggest challenges was building systems that would attract more clients, generate more profits, and set his business on a sustainable path to success. Before working with Brainiact, Albert struggled with managing a team and didn’t know how to go about hiring new employees. With the help of his Brainiact business coach, Albert could get support and guidance on how to make everything run smoothly.

“My Brainiact business coach just made it all easier for me,” says Albert. “They gave me advice and guided me through every business process, including recruitment, client acquisition, sales, invoicing and a lot more.”

Real help, real results
In only the first six months of working with Brainiact, Albert saw tremendous growth in sales and his business as a whole.

“Last month, I reached an all-time high in sales,” says Albert. “It hasn’t sunk in yet, how well the business is doing. I never thought I’d have that number of sales and revenue in one month. The business coaching is practically paying for itself.”

Albert has found one of the most helpful aspects of Brainiact business coaching is the high level of focus on goal-setting and achievement. Having someone to create goals with him and propel him towards achieving those goals was crucial to his success.

“My Brainiact business coach keeps me on track with weekly meetings, reminders, and check-ins,” explains Albert. “Without them, I wouldn’t be writing down my goals each month, and I certainly wouldn’t be hitting those targets. They not only give me advice on what to do, but they push me to do it and hold me accountable.”

Through his business coach’s consistent communication and support, Albert found himself motivated on a daily basis to keep pushing himself, hit those targets, and take his business to the next level.

“Once we achieve one goal, it’s straight on to the next,” says Albert. “My business coach helps me keep the momentum going so that we achieve real, long-term success.”

For all business owners
The biggest takeaway Albert learnt about business coaching is the importance of sticking to the program and fully committing to the advice given by the coach. Business coaching is a two-way street; the benefits can only be reaped if you’re ready to put in the effort.

For Albert, he trusted the process and followed through with everything his Brainiact business coach suggested, and the results speak for themselves. “I found that the only way to truly benefit from business coaching is to trust the process and fully commit myself to it,” explains Albert. “I checked off the boxes, implemented the changes my business coach recommended, and started seeing real results pretty quickly because of that.”

Impressed with the results he achieved, Albert has already recommended Brainiact to several people. “I will say it’s important to trust the process and put in the work,” says Albert. “Because as long as you do that, you’ll be on your way to achieving so many things you would never have dreamed possible.”

Overall, Albert’s experience with Brainiact business coaching highlights the importance of seeking expert help to give you the accountability and guidance you need to achieve your goals. With Brainiact’s help, Albert is achieving his goals and growing his business month-by-month.

Our team at Brainiact are extremely proud of the success Albert’s Auto Electrical Group has made since joining with Brainiact. We look forward to seeing what their future holds and providing our continual support.

If you’re looking to grow your business under the support and advice of one of our business coaches, get in touch today! Or, if you would like to own a Brainiact and help others achieve their goals, contact us for more information.