Powerhouse advisory board to transform 10,000 businesses

Brainiact, a leading name in business coaching, is proud to announce the formation of its new advisory board, comprising high-profile industry leaders. This strategic assembly is set to propel Brainiact towards realising its mission of driving the growth and profitability of 10,000 businesses by 2030.

The stellar lineup of board members includes Brendan Green, CEO of Hire A Hubby and Chair of the Franchise Council of Australia; Tony Nash, co-founder and former CEO of Booktopia; and Nigel Lindsay-Smith, a seasoned sales leader with experience at Salesforce, Adobe, Pluralsight, and LivePerson. The advisory board is chaired by Roger Jowett, former CEO of Motion Asia Pacific, who led the company to $700M in revenue in 2022.

Jared Dawson, the Founder of Brainiact, emphasises the importance of the advisory board. “Leveraging off someone else’s experiences to avoid mistakes and accelerate our learning is crucial for not only us but the small businesses we guide,” says Jared. “The credibility and visibility provided by such esteemed individuals will also greatly enhance our market presence.”

Each member will bring a wealth of experience and unique insights to support Brainiact’s vision to connect the world’s business owners with support and resources to empower their success.

Brendan Green is excited about the parallels between his work and Brainiact’s goals, expressing his eagerness to contribute over 26 years of experience in coaching business owners towards franchising excellence. “Being a franchisor is all about coaching business owners,” says Brendan. “I’m eager to contribute my experience to the Brainiact team and help them achieve franchising excellence successfully.”

Similarly, Tony Nash is inspired by Brainiact’s mission. “We’re ready to guide the team in offering advisory and coaching services to as many entrepreneurs/founders as possible,” says Tony.

Nigel Lindsay-Smith emphasises the importance of support. “The challenges people take with starting businesses and investing their savings and wealth is real, and yet there seems to be little support out there to help them be successful,” says Nigel. “I see Brainiact’s coaching approach as a partnership to ensure the best chance for these entrepreneurs to get the guidance that they need to flourish.”

As the Chair of the board, Roger Jowett anticipates great progress for Brainiact. “I’m keen to help build something that’s powerful and value-adding to the organisation, and reaping the rewards,” says Roger.

The introduction of this advisory board is a landmark moment for Brainiact, signalling a new chapter in its journey to support business owners worldwide. With the collective wisdom, experience, and leadership of its members, Brainiact is poised to make a profound impact on the SME landscape, driving transformation and shaping futures.

For media enquiries, please contact Jared Dawson, Founder and Director at Brainiact, on 0412 229 014.