Braian Szwarcberg-Poch, along with his wife Allie, is the Director and co-founder of Allie’s Cold Pressed. Having enjoyed a successful corporate career in management, in 2018 Braian decided to join his wife on her entrepreneurial journey. However, amidst their rising success, Braian was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Despite the shock, Braian approached his treatment with determination, undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. He views himself as not yet a cancer survivor, but a cancer fighter. He finds strength in swimming, dedicating 30 minutes each day to laps at the local pool.

His wife Allie, is a former marketing professional who founded Allie’s Cold Pressed in 2014 out of her passion for creating nutrient-rich juices using locally sourced ingredients. Together, they supply top Australian eateries and hotels with their refreshing and authentic products. The story of Braian and Allie is one of perseverance, resilience and success.

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