Our Top Marketing Tips For Tradies

You might be the best tradie on the block. But without customers, your tradie business ceases to be. And it’s not because there isn’t a demand for what you do. Tradie businesses are reportedly one of the largest growing industries in Australia, with an estimated 23.3% increase in job opportunities recently. The biggest reason tradie companies fail, is people do not know about them. Luckily, this can change! Marketing is your ticket out of anonymity.

Being great at your trade is not enough to guarantee a successful plumbing, sparkie, chippy or brickie business. Sound marketing strategies help you:

  • promote your service to prospective customers
  • generate leads for you to convert to sales
  • affirm business reputation
  • help you achieve your business goals.

Don’t just take our word for it either. We’ve helped many tradies market their businesses successfully. Now you know the benefits of marketing, here are our top tips for tradies wanting to further their marketing strategies:

Network and build relationships
Networking is not exclusive to white collared workers. Successful tradie businesses invest in building ongoing relationships, whether it be a preferred supplier they enjoy working with or a development company they would like to work for. The relationships you build enact growth opportunities for your business.

Customer referrals are your wings
Happy customers often spread the word to their friends, family, and work colleagues. Maintaining good customer service in conjunction with well-executed craftsmanship on the job will likely generate customer satisfaction. To begin a solid customer service foundation, ensure you promptly respond to customers on all touch points, including, emails, expression of interest forms, comments on social media posts, and direct messaging via social media. You can further leverage customer referrals as a marketing strategy by incentivising existing customers in creating referral and reward programs.

Having a mobile-friendly website puts you on the map
Think of your immediate reaction to wanting to find out about something… It’s very likely; you pull out your phone to do a quick search. Mobile friendly websites are a dominant source of information and are thus ranked higher by Google. Ensuring people know about your business is the first step to succeeding as a tradie. So, make sure people can easily find you online. Once you have a website, update it every so often. Having an updated website maximises your Google ranking, improves loading times for users, and ensures compatibility with mobile phones. We have Certified Partners at Brainiact who can build both e-commerce and brand-building websites.

Get your free Google My Business listing
Google My Business listings are placed above other search results. A Google My Business listing contains your business name, address, phone number and website, making it easy for people to find and communicate with you.

Embrace social media
But don’t spread yourself across every platform available! You’ll struggle to generate original content for each and end up overworking yourself. That’s why we recommend you choose one or two to focus on.

Why social media is a great marketing strategy:

  • It creates a tangible portfolio of your work, demonstrating your capabilities to prospective clients.
  • It provides real time interactions with customers, increasing efficiency with communication.
  • It allows you to reach new customers with little to no extra cost.
  • Enacts easy access to customer feedback, wherein people can ‘like,’ ‘share,’ and ‘comment’ on the content you post.

Don’t forget vehicle signage
Advertising your business on your vehicle makes it visible to everyone on the road while you drive to work, home, and to the shops, etc. Compared to traditional ads on TV and in newspapers, vehicle signage is a low-cost marketing solution. So, take advantage of your vehicle’s billboard space!

Need help developing your marketing strategy? Look no further than Brainiact. We are a team of passionate marketing strategists, dedicated to helping small to medium businesses grow.

So, what’s stopping you? Contact Brainiact today! We’re here to help!