How to Take Your Business Online

Moving your business online
In today’s fast-paced business climate, there is one thing we can be sure of. The internet is a powerful tool for business owners, and it doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon! A little over 20 years ago, the idea of being surrounded by people glued to their phones or of logging onto a computer to find a company would have seemed like a fantasy. Now, it’s estimated that Australians are spending nearly 40 hours per week online. That’s roughly the same time many of us spend at work. And our internet use is only growing. The number of internet users in Australia increased by 513,000 between 2020 and 2021 alone!

With so much of our lives now spent online, businesses need to have a digital presence. Here, we’ll take you through three key benefits of moving your business online. We’ll also tell you about how best to make this transition and how we, at Brainiact, can help.

  1. Increase your visibility

Moving your business online does not mean that you need to stop your traditional operating model. It’s simply about increasing your visibility. An online presence allows your business to reach out and connect with a far larger audience. You’ll no longer be confined to a local market. On top of this, moving your business online means that you’ll always be available to customers – even when you’re not working! Your customers can read about your products and services 24/7, each and every day of the year.

  1. Appear more professional

If your business has a well-designed website, it will look more professional. In today’s world, so many of us do a quick Google search before purchasing from a business or inquiring about their services. However, it’s also true that creating an effective website is not the easiest task. The good news is that with one of Brainiact’s subscription packages, you’ll have access to a range of experts in this field. Some of our trusted partner agencies that will help create an excellent website for your business include:

  • Elite Words: Elite Words are experts in copywriting and drafting competitive SEO strategies. They’ll ensure that there are no pesky typos on your website, giving you the peace of mind that your website’s content is 100 percent error-free!
  • Rt Elements: Based in Melbourne, rt elements are renowned for their ground-breaking web design and graphic choices. Their web design will help your business stand out from the crowd and will leave a lasting impression.
  1. Attract new customers

Have you ever had a sudden emergency, such as a broken pipe or a beeping fire alarm that needs a battery replacement? Did you do a quick Google search to find an available electrician or plumber? That’s the power that comes with moving your business online. You’ll attract new customers who are searching for your service or products. However, it’s also important that you have an effective SEO strategy. This will mean that your business ranks on Google and is easy to find online. If you’re not sure how to implement an SEO strategy or are looking to improve your SEO, we can help with that too! One of our partners, Prosperity Media, are experts at strategic and technical SEO services.

How we can help
Moving your business online can be time-consuming and challenging. But this is where Brainiact can help! With Brainiact’s Accelerator Package, you’ll have exclusive access to our industry-leading partners at a discounted rate. You can also communicate with your dedicated account manager via instant messaging platforms, email, phone, and video chat. There’s also the option of Brainiact’s Executive Package. With this subscription, you’ll have all the benefits of the Accelerator Package with the added advantages of exclusive corporate discounts to our certified partner agencies, face-to-face meetings and corporate lunches.

On top of all this, Brainiact offers a variety of services that will help you move your business online. Some of these services include:

  • Customer lifestyle engagement: This service helps you engage and retain customers through your online presence.
  • Business health evaluation: This service identifies ways that moving your business online will improve its overall strength. If you already have a website for your company, our business health evaluation will offer suggestions for how to boost your digital presence.
  • Strategy services: This service will help you to create the perfect marketing strategy for the design of your website. Our strategy services also include how to improve your website’s SEO and increase internet traffic.

Making the transition to the online marketplace doesn’t need to be difficult. If you’re thinking about moving your business online or feel like you need to improve your business’s digital presence, get in touch with us today. We’re here to help.