How this business scaled through business coaching

“It’s like having a CEO on your payroll without the hefty price,” – Lisa Walsh, Director, BKW Electrical & Earthworks

Lisa and Blake Walsh launched BKW Electrical & Earthworks as a modest earthmoving company that grew from a sole trader to an 11-person team. However, the more the business expanded the more it grappled with organisational issues, inefficient processes, and development challenges.

Back in April, the duo were overwhelmed. BKW Earthworks was experiencing a period of organic growth, but Blake and Lisa were not ready for it. While Lisa juggled her job at a local high school with BKW responsibilities, Blake, inundated with tasks, serendipitously came across a Brainiact advertisement. Recognising the need for external assistance, he reached out.

“At the time, we were buried in to-do lists and bills, and it felt like we were just barely juggling it all,” says Lisa. “Then, Brainiact entered the scene. Our business coach’s expertise as a former CEO brought about the change we so desperately needed.”

Re-structuring for success
With no streamlined processes in place, BKW Earthworks was facing the brunt of unplanned growth. “We were just getting by,” says Lisa. “The bills and tasks would come in constantly and we were just winging it.”

Their Brainiact business coach’s intervention was timely. With their guidance, they could implement budgets, make staffing decisions, and even hire a second in command for Blake. This crucial decision would help Blake focus on the business’s organisational side. While it seemed counterproductive to them at first, it proved to be a game-changer.

“That was quite scary for us because, being in the machinery industry, taking one of those guys off the site into a supervisory role seemed like lost income,” explains Blake. “But with the push of our business coach, we now have two guys off the tools and it’s been great for us.”

“It’s slow and steady progress but we’re now confident we’re working in the right direction.”

Brainiact’s unique approach
What sets Brainiact apart is their personalised approach to business coaching. For Blake and Lisa, their business coach is more than a coach – they are a genuine partner. “It’s like having a CEO on your payroll without the hefty price,” says Lisa. “Our business coach is consistently there for us, keeping us accountable. He genuinely cares, and that’s invaluable.”

Their Brainiact business coach’s commitment shows in their proactive approach. “If we mentioned that we’re looking at something, our business coach goes and researches it in his own time,” says Blake. “He gives so much more than what is required and continually brings insights and suggestions to the table.”

With their Brainiact business coach, BKW Earthworks never stands still. After achieving set targets, they’re on to the next steps. “There’s always something to be done,” says Lisa. “Having a Brainiact business coach is a great driving force for the growth of our business.”

The strong bond between the Walsh duo and their business coach is a testament to Brainiact’s approach. More than just weekly meetings, their business coach provides ongoing support through constant communication and even late-night emails.

“It’s a much more personal experience than I was expecting,” says Blake. “It’s incredible how much knowledge our business coach has and how they keep us accountable. It’s like we’ve hired a boss, but their sole role is to help you grow.”

Working on the business, not in it
One of Brainiact’s mantras, “When you’re working in the business, you’re not working on the business” resonated deeply with Blake. Under their business coach’s guidance, Blake transitioned to a more administrative role, so he could have a more efficient team.

“At first, I was a bit hesitant,” says Blake. “How could I make money if I’m not working on site? But my business coach explained how we can’t grow the business just by being on the tools; we needed strategic oversight.”

“Moving away from the tools meant we could sit down and implement, automate, and digitise new processes. So, now it’s much easier to have guys working all around Sydney and even in the Blue Mountains. Everything is instant and our business is running a lot smoother now.”

This move wasn’t just about business. The personal benefits are evident. Blake can now enjoy little moments, like watching his kids board the school bus, which previously seemed out of reach.

Having a mediator
Being a wife-husband duo, Lisa and Blake have their differences. Lisa sees herself as a voice of reason while Blake is a driven risk-taker. But their Brainiact business coach, with their vast experience, often acts as the mediator, helping them make balanced decisions for the good of their business.

“Our Brainiact business coach acted as a voice of reason, siding where necessary and providing a holistic perspective,” says Lisa.

Final reflections
For small businesses, the leap to becoming a medium-sized business is quite difficult. There are certain processes and risks you need to take. Partnering with Brainiact has been Blake and Lisa’s catalyst in this transition. When asked if they recommend Brainiact business coaching to other small business owners, their answer was definite.

“Our company was built from the ground up – we knew nothing about business,” says Blake. “If you’re a business owner like us, having a business coach with relevant degrees will really help grow your business in ways you wouldn’t imagine.”

Lisa also offered pragmatic advice. “I saw it as a bit of a gamble, but then again, what isn’t?” says Lisa. “There’s no lock-in contract so you can give it a go for a month or two, and if it doesn’t work, what have you lost in the grand scheme of things?”

“For businesses trying to take the next step, especially during a growth period, I would wholeheartedly recommend Brainiact. For us, it was a game-changer.”

Our team at Brainiact are so proud of the growth BKW Earthworks has seen since teaming up with their Brainiact business coach. We look forward to our continued partnership and seeing them continue to grow in the future.

If you want to take the plunge and work with one of our business coaches, enquire today! On the other hand, if you would like to become a Brainiact business coach yourself, contact us for more information.