From battling burnout to finding balance

“I feel completely in control of my business thanks to Brainiact.” 

– Natasha Schellander, Founder, Gender Voice Centre

After spending countless hours running herself to mental and physical exhaustion, Natasha Schellander knew she needed help managing her business. She wanted an experienced business coach to help her work smarter, not harder so she could get Gender Voice Centre to the level of success she knew it could reach. Natasha not only wanted to grow her business, she also wanted to get her work-life balance back for the sake of her personal health. 

Getting out of your own way
Before working with Brainiact, Natasha was a workaholic. Like many small to medium-sized business owners, she felt compelled to work day in and day out to keep her business afloat. Natasha had exhausted herself, yet her business remained stuck in one place. 

“I believed in my business,” says Natasha. “I knew my business had the potential to explode if only I knew what to do.”   

One of the first things Natasha’s Brainiact business coach taught her was to get out of her own way. Natasha was doing everything in her business; seeing all the clients, sending all the emails, creating the social media content and managing the accounting. Her business coach sat down with her to discuss the logistics of running the business. 

From crunching the numbers with her business coach, Natasha learnt that by seeing so many clients by herself, the business cannot, and will not, grow. Whereas, if she hires other people to do the work while she focuses on the business’s back end, the potential is endless. She will earn more money, achieve more goals, and have more free time. They created business strategies that allow Natasha to run the business so it profits and grows.

Finding solutions
Before joining Brainiact, Natasha had tried a different business coaching company. “They would not give me advice,” reveals Natasha. “They only listened to my problems, which is not what I wanted.”

“I didn’t need someone to listen to my problems and give me a goal plucked from thin air,” says Natasha. “I needed someone to sit down, go through the numbers with me, and make a well-defined plan to reach my goals. Only Brainiact was able to give me that.”

Natasha and her Brainiact business coach worked together to calculate exactly what she needed to do in order to achieve the end result she wanted. Step-by-step, her Brainiact business coach helped her get out of the business and focus on a more managerial role. 

In addition to strategies, her business coach gave her practical advice on how to speak to employees and even connected her to other businesses.

“My coach connected me to a virtual assistant which has been a lifesaver,” says Natasha. “They also connected me to some good marketing agencies which have been really helpful.”

With the help of her business coach, Natasha was able to hire a team of employees so that she no longer sees any clients and only focuses on running her business. 

“I’m happy and the business is better than ever,” exclaims Natasha.

The personal touch
When Natasha first sent an enquiry to Brainiact, she received a response within 10 minutes. “Then, when I spoke to my potential Brainiact business coach for the first time, they were immediately upfront with the process and prices,” explains Natasha. “I could already tell they had my best interests at heart.”

For Natasha, business coaching was not just about earning more money, it was about finding a healthier balance between her work and personal life. 

“I used to think if I stopped working, I would lose everything,” explains Natasha. “I learnt from my business coach the logistics of working smarter, not harder and the knock-on effects were huge.”

“I feel much more in control of my business. I’m not stressed or emotionally drained anymore. I no longer have health concerns – basically, all my problems have been solved.”

Natasha felt the ongoing support of her Brainiact business coach was very beneficial. In between weekly meetings, her business coach was in consistent contact with her, giving her the accountability and support she needed. 

“It helped that my business coach was both encouraging and challenging,” says Natasha. “They were not a yes-man and I appreciated that. If I said something they disagreed with, they weren’t afraid to suggest other options that ended up being more beneficial.” 

Natasha says one highlight of the Brainiact business coaching was the one-on-one tailored advice. For Natasha, her business could only grow if they focused on both her personal and business goals.

“My health was suffering at the time,” explains Natasha. “My business coach could tell my exhaustion was affecting my business. So, their first priority was getting my health back before worrying about who to hire. They knew that instead of focusing on getting those millions of dollars, I first had to find my purpose again.”

Letting go of ego
The best advice Natasha received from her business coach was to get her ego out of the equation. “I never realised I had an ego before my business coach pointed it out!” says Natasha.

As Natasha was an experienced therapist with a long waiting list, she felt the need to take on every single client. This was only detrimental to her and her business. 

“It was a huge wake-up call,” adds Natasha. “If I simply let my ego go, and let other people take on the clients for me, I can put more effort into growing the business side of things. It was hard for me at first because I’m so used to always being on the go and feeling shame when I’m not. But once my business coach ran the numbers, it just made sense for me to hire people in my stead.”

Natasha says this is another advantage to business coaches. “When you’re attached to your business and constantly stressing over it, you lose sight of all your options. A business coach is able to take the emotion out of it and replace it with logical problem solving.” 

To all business owners
Natasha believes that every business that has a goal needs a business coach. “If your business is not where you want it to be, and you’re not a master at business, why wouldn’t you get a specialist to help you?” says Natasha.

Before Natasha started working with her business coach, she was earning a fraction of what she earned with her business coach. What she invested in a business coach, she quickly earned back tenfold in a matter of months.

“It’s not an expense; it’s an investment that is going to benefit your life,” says Natasha. “A lot of business owners don’t know what a business coach could do for them, which is unfortunate. If they knew that business coaches can create a solid, well-thought-out plan that is challenging but achievable, realistic, and based on statistics, then I’m sure they would not hesitate.’’

“I wish more people could feel how I felt and knew how it could make them happier and more at ease. You don’t need to do it all; you need to get out of your own way.” 

The team at Brainiact are so proud of the achievements Gender Voice Centre has made since joining with Brainiact. We look forward to seeing their success in the future. 

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