Franchise with Brainiact: Your entry into business coaching

Business coaching is a rewarding industry. As a coach, you empower others to reach their full potential, driving growth and success in businesses of all sizes. You might be asking yourself, ‘How do I become a business coach?’ or ‘Should I start my own business coaching company or buy a franchise?’. All the answers you need are right here.

Starting your own vs buying a franchise
There are benefits and drawbacks to both paths. If you start your own coaching business, you’ll have full control over your methods, clientele and branding. However, you’ll also need to spend significant time, energy, and resources to establish your reputation, develop your coaching methodologies, build your brand, and attract clients. It may also be challenging to compete with established coaching companies if you’re new to the industry.

Buying a franchise, on the other hand, gives you a ready-made business model to follow. You’ll have access to established systems, marketing strategies, training programs, and a network of clientele and fellow entrepreneurs. The main challenge is that you’ll need to conform to the franchisor’s policies and brand image.

Why choose a Brainiact franchise?
At Brainiact, we believe our franchise model provides the best of both worlds. We’re committed to providing our franchise partners with the tools and support they need to thrive in the business coaching industry.

When you buy a Brainiact franchise, you’re not just purchasing a proven business model; you’re joining a community. We focus on cultivating a strong network of franchise partners, committed to helping each other succeed. This collaborative environment fosters a collective wisdom that can be invaluable to both new and experienced business coaches.

One of our core beliefs at Brainiact is that ‘business coaching always works’ – as long as the business owner is committed to growth and open to being coached. This ethos translates into our coaching methods and our approach to supporting our franchisees.

Financial expectations and commitments
A Brainiact franchise is an investment in your future. Upon purchasing your own franchise, you’ll receive ongoing comprehensive training and support. Our franchisor provides three days of face-to-face training, followed by weekly coaching sessions until you reach a monthly revenue of $15,000, then fortnightly until you reach $35,000.

Support for your success
Brainiact’s commitment to your success doesn’t stop at training. We have a variety of resources in place to help you grow your franchise, including managed social media accounts, an industry-leading podcast, and a successful client referral program.

Fostering a strong coach-client relationship
We understand the importance of the coach-client relationship, and we’re dedicated to helping our franchisees build strong, meaningful relationships with their clients. We don’t lock clients into contracts; instead, we focus on providing real value, maintaining open communication, and keeping clients accountable.

Flexibility and freedom
Running a Brainiact franchise is a full-time commitment, but it also offers flexibility. Our franchise partners can work from wherever they want, fitting their clients around their life rather than the other way around.

Frequently asked questions

What are the pros and cons of starting my own business coaching business versus buying a franchise?
Starting your own business coaching company gives you control over all aspects of your business. However, it requires significant time and energy to establish your brand, develop your coaching methods, and attract clients. It’s easier to buy a franchise like Brainiact, because it offers a ready-made business model, established branding, an effective client acquisition system, and ongoing support.

What’s the process for becoming a business coach with Brainiact?
To become a Brainiact business coach, contact us to organise a meeting. We’ll discuss the process and expectations, and provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.

What makes Brainiact’s approach to business coaching unique?
We focus on the individual needs of each client. Our coaches are dedicated to their success and work tirelessly to help them reach their goals. Furthermore, we focus on fostering strong coach-client relationships, emphasising open communication, accountability, and respect.

What kind of support can I expect as a Brainiact franchisee?
From training to marketing support, we’re with you every step of the way. Our franchisor provides three days of face-to-face training, followed by ongoing coaching sessions until you reach your financial goals.

How does Brainiact’s franchise model support business growth?
Our proven model, combined with our extensive support system and resources, empowers franchise partners to rapidly grow their client base and revenue. We provide marketing support, managed social media accounts, an industry-leading podcast, and a successful client referral program.

What are the financial expectations and commitments when I join Brainiact as a franchisee?
Franchise partners will pay an initial fee for a Brainiact franchise. In return, franchisees receive comprehensive training, access to established systems and branding, and ongoing support.

If you’re wondering how to become a business coach or thinking about starting your own business coaching company, consider a Brainiact franchise. It offers the opportunity to hit the ground running with a proven model, an established brand, and an unwavering support system, providing you with the best possible start in your business coaching journey.

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