Former CEO now helps small businesses in Mascot succeed

After successfully leading multi-million dollar businesses for most of his life, Roger Jowett is now focusing on non-executive board and advisory work. He will do this alongside helping small businesses in Mascot grow and succeed.

For over 30 years, Roger has led teams around the world. As the former CEO of Motion Asia Pacific, he has led up to 1500 employees at one time, with full profit and loss responsibility. Now, Roger is taking his wealth of knowledge and joining the Brainiact team, offering a one-on-one business coaching service. The focus is on helping hard-working small business owners develop the tools and support they need to succeed.

Working in executive roles and private equity for most of his career, Roger has had his fair share of boardroom meetings and growing company profits by the millions. Roger, however, believes his real accomplishments have always been in developing people.

‘My biggest achievements are seeing individuals who have moved on to bigger and better things, and knowing I played even a small part in helping them get there,’ says Roger.

‘I’ve always gotten a buzz out of nudging people towards opportunities and enabling them to fulfil their potential within a business framework. It’s something I can be proud of.’

There are 2,500 businesses registered in Mascot and over 18,500 businesses in the wider Bayside area, most in the construction industry. Roger is passionate about using his industry expertise to be a business coach that directly and positively impacts the community.

‘Small business owners are brave,’ explains Roger. ‘They usually come from a background of not wanting to work under anyone else, but they don’t fully understand what running a business actually entails.’

Roger aims to bridge that knowledge gap and help business owners gain vital skills and business strategies.

‘Small business owners are usually great at what they do; they simply lack the toolkit to be a great business leader. I’m here to help them build that toolkit and teach them to apply it intelligently. Together, we’ll work out what they need to do, build their leadership skills, and take them on that journey to where they want to be.’

Starting his career in the UK, Roger’s work has spanned across Europe and Australia. New Zealand and South-East Asia in various sectors, including manufacturing, fire, security, air conditioning and industrial distribution. After working in Australia for four years at Chubb Electronic Security, Roger never looked back. He fell in love with Sydney and has since been COO of Signature Security, CEO of Trilogy Services Group and CEO of Motion Asia Pacific. He has extensive private equity experience.

For media enquiries, please contact Jared Dawson, Founder and Director at Brainiact, on 0412 229 014.