Changing the sales strategy to gain stellar growth

“Our leap in sales and savings is thanks to the expert help of our business coach,” Sal Avati, Director, BlackJack Merchandising

Today’s marketplace is constantly and rapidly changing, and many businesses tend to hit a point where things don’t seem to move forward anymore. Growth slows and innovation shifts from being a luxury to a necessity. This was exactly the situation BlackJack Merchandising found itself in.

While the business was making sales and getting by, things were not really growing. That’s when the owner, Sal Avati, decided it was time for a change and brought in some help from Brainiact. Within just one year, they went from being stuck to making more sales and saving money, all thanks to their decision to work with their Brainiact business coach.

The problem: Stuck in place
Before teaming up with Brainiact, BlackJack Merchandising was like a car stuck in the mud, spinning its wheels but not going anywhere. The business had experienced a period of initial success but was unable to scale or change as the market changed. Put simply, they wanted to grow, find more customers, and make more sales, but they weren’t sure how.

“We were getting a bit stagnant and needed that push to be a better business,” says Sal Avati. Sal had worked with business coaches in the past, and knew now was the time to try another one to get a fresh perspective. Sal needed the motivation, encouragement, and new ideas necessary to jumpstart their growth. He needed someone to give them a nudge in the right direction.

Choosing Brainiact
The decision to choose Brainiact was straightforward for Sal. He had known of Brainiact for quite some time and had been introduced to Brainiact’s founder through networking. Then he was introduced to his new business coach.

“I had one meeting with my business coach, and we pretty much clicked right away,” says Sal. “I felt that they understood what I needed and had the expertise to help out. So, I decided to go for it.” The instant connection with his mentor laid the foundation for a productive and transformative coaching relationship.

A big change: New sales strategy

One of the critical strategies implemented with the help of Sal’s business coach was the introduction of a sales agent on commission, a move that revolutionised BlackJack Merchandising’s sales approach. This salesperson would go around, talk about BlackJack Merchandising’s products, and try to get more sales and repeat clients.

“The biggest thing my business mentor did for me was help me get a sales agent on commission,” explains Sal. “They’re like a spokesperson for the brand.”

This was a game-changer. It meant the business didn’t have to pay someone a regular full-time salary, but rather just a piece of what they sold. The more the agent sold, the more they earned, and the more business BlackJack Merchandising got. It was a win-win.

From this strategic shift, BlackJack Merchandising saw a significant uptick in sales, brand recognition, and team cohesion. Sal credits his company’s current success and improved business model to the guidance and strategies provided by his business coach.

“Without Brainiact, I would be way far off from what I have now,” says Sal. “This grew my business while saving us money on salaries, benefits, and other expenses.”

Overcoming challenges and celebrating success

Every business has its ups and downs, and BlackJack Merchandising was no exception. Their biggest challenge was getting new customers and figuring out the best ways to market themselves. But with his business coach’s expertise and encouragement, the BlackJack Merchandising team were equipped with the tools and confidence needed to create clear plans and navigate these obstacles.

“In a good way, business coaching has brought us lots of business,” says Sal. “Almost too busy to handle!”

Brainiact business coaches are highly competent and bring a blend of skill, passion, and proven strategies to the table. With a track record of success backed by a meticulously refined coaching methodology, our coaches empower business owners to achieve their goals like never before.

“It was great to have expert advice and knowledge from someone quite high up there in the business sector,” says Sal, praising the quality of advice and support he received. “You get strategies and tools that you can trust. I don’t have to second guess anything.”

The collaboration also helped unearth Sal’s own strengths as a business owner, particularly in sales and leadership. “They started making me a little bit more aware of how I can and should run my business,” says Sal. “As the business grows, I’ve naturally become more confident in leading my team.”

With Brainiact’s business coaching, not only will you get strategies to grow your business, but you’ll also get a boost in confidence so you can continue to level up.

When asked about the most impactful advice received, Sal doesn’t hesitate: “Get the sales agent. Do it on commission.” This simple yet effective strategy that his mentor suggested was a major factor in turning things around for BlackJack Merchandising.

Words of wisdom for other business owners

For businesses on the fence about business coaching, Sal offers three simple words: “Just do it. If you really want to see real growth in your business and you want to be in a situation where you’re busy with orders every day, you should get a business coach,” says Sal. “It’s all worth it – you’ll gain growth, confidence, and guidance from a person who really knows what they’re talking about.”

This testament to the value of business coaching, especially from Brainiact, shows the growth and improvement that professional business coaching can bring.

The partnership between BlackJack Merchandising and Brainiact shows how getting the right advice and making smart, calculated changes can really help a business take off. It’s a reminder that sometimes, to start moving forward, you need someone to show you the way.

We’re so proud of the progress BlackJack Merchandising has made with Brainiact in just one year. We look forward to seeing what Sal and his team continue to achieve.

If you would like to experience the same success and connect with one of our expert business coaches, get in touch today! Alternatively, if you want to take charge and own a Brainiact, enquire now.