Celebrating Roger Jowett’s impactful year at Brainiact

Roger Jowett is celebrating his one-year anniversary as a Brainiact business coach, and what a journey it’s been! More than just guiding businesses, Roger has turned into a true pillar of support and inspiration for many small businesses. Through his unique approach to coaching, Roger has built meaningful relationships and cultivated a culture of continuous improvement in his clients. We caught up with Roger to talk about what he has learnt and achieved this past year, and the exciting things to come! 

Roger, reflecting on your first year with Brainiact, what have you learnt as a business coach? 

This past year has been amazing, far more enjoyable and personally fulfilling than I expected. I think there’s deep satisfaction that has come from helping small businesses grow and overcoming challenges. While not every partnership has been successful, the majority have, and you can see the burning need for help in the small business sector. I mean, it’s been really rewarding. 

It has also been interesting to see the range of clients that have come to me. The ones bursting with energy and ambition are always such a joy to work with. 

Have there been any surprises along the way? 

One surprise is that I’ve never grown bored or tired of this job. Thanks to the flexibility of this role, I was able to spend five months abroad in 2023 while keeping my commitment to my clients. I had this wonderful work-life balance that allowed me to spend quality time with my friends, ageing parents, and kids in Europe. It was exactly what my wife and I wanted. As such, it never felt like a chore for me to get up at 4 am or 5 am for business coaching. So that’s a big sign for me that I’m enjoying my role and the value I can add to others.  

I also love the Brainiact business model where if the customer doesn’t like the business coaching, they can stop – there are no lock-in contracts. It keeps me in this sort of ‘athletic stance’ where I always have to be ready for the session, staying on top of what I’ve promised, whether I’ve delivered, and what other value I can add. So I’m always kept on my toes but never burdened. 

What challenges and successes have you encountered with your clients? 

Managing client expectations and engagement has been a balancing act. For instance, I’ve had to dial back meetings for those struggling with time commitments which has helped me maintain relationships while providing consistent value. It’s important to stay flexible to retain clients and adapt to their needs.  

I think that Brainiact is still in the experimentation phase of trying strategies for demand creation and developing our franchise partners, which is why I’m excited about the next phase and introducing an advisory board to the company. It has truly been an amazing year, witnessing the different stages and growth of Brainiact and my clients.  

What common issues do you find across the businesses you’ve coached? 

A recurring issue is clients not using the data that’s at their fingertips. All small businesses need to have a dashboard of their business, monitoring their operations closely so that small problems are caught early and opportunities are taken quickly. For example, some people don’t have a good grip on their cash flow and pricing. Underselling the great work that small businesses do is a common occurrence. But I think the businesses that wake up and start to leverage their data with the help of a business coach can see significant growth.  

It’s about looking at the things you need to be doing more or less of, the customers you should and shouldn’t be targeting, and the products you should and shouldn’t be selling. When you make those little adjustments, you can start to make good profits. That all starts with using the data. 

I’m also surprised by how little the leaders of the businesses read and learn about what a good business looks like. I try to instil a habit of curiosity in my clients. What it is that a successful entrepreneur did and did not do on their journey? When you can feel the business owners realising that continuous learning is for the good of their business, that’s great because you know that they can start to fulfil their true potential.  

Can you share a success story that stands out to you? 

One client journey that has been very fulfilling for me is my client who sells gym equipment. I mean, the energy and the work they’re doing is great. We had major conversations about cash flow, supply chain, and needing a long-term strategy for building stronger supplier relations, particularly with China. We talked in August, and they were off to China in December. They’re now committed to going back and visiting that key supplier on a regular basis. So, we built that strategy up together. I enjoy that kind of deep strategic thinking and focus on the medium to long-term game. It’s not a short fix today, better next week magic trick. That was a really satisfying and fulfilling project. 

I’ve discovered that the thing I most like about business coaching is the speed of decision-making that you get from an entrepreneur. I’m a bit conditioned to slow down and think things through first, but many of my clients are like, “No, let’s do it, Roger”. 

And business coaching, for you, goes beyond the scheduled sessions, doesn’t it? 

Business coaching comes in all shapes and sizes, but I’m constantly available for my clients to give them the level of support they need, whatever that may be. Some clients don’t really use me through the week, while most of my other clients are messaging me every other day, calling me in between jobs for advice. I love that I could be out for a walk and they can say they need to have a quick chat on the phone. I enjoy that interaction because, as I say to them all, I think about them and their businesses every day.   

Simply reassuring my clients or telling them they’ve had a great week, you can feel the business owners really appreciate that. They go, “Somebody’s told me I’m doing well here. Nobody’s ever said that to me before in my journey as an entrepreneur”. When someone they trust is supporting them and telling them where and when they’ve done well, it’s so powerful and it costs me, as a coach, nothing. It’s just the care factor and 30 seconds of my time – I love that. 

What are you looking forward to most about your next year with Brainiact?  

I’m excited to see the growth of our franchise partners and our ‘tribe’. At Brainiact, there are no turf wars or politics between us business coaches and I’m very thankful everyone works hard to preserve that and help each other out. Our target is 100 active clients by the end of the year, which will be hard and there will be successes and failures, but we’ll get there through adaptability and resilience. 

What about the Brainiact advisory board that you’re about to start chairing? Is this going to be a tough gig for you?  

I think so. Like with any new team, I’m sure we will go through the phases of forming, norming, and storming. We’ll need to work hard on getting to know each other. Fortunately, we’ve got a dynamic team where we can leverage the diversity of thought. So I’m looking forward to that fresh approach while sticking to the formula for advisory boards to help nail what Brainiact needs to do next. The experience around the table will help add immense value. I’m really looking forward to that. 

Finally, is there a message you’d like to share with your clients and the Brainiact community? 

I just want to thank the wonderful clients out there who take this leap of faith to invest in business coaching. When you commit, engage, and take action, you’re guaranteed to get great value. So I’m very thankful for the opportunity to help make a difference to these businesses. It’s very rewarding. Their trust and feedback fuel my passion for this work, and I’m eager to continue making a meaningful impact in the small business landscape. 

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