Business Owners – benefit from scheduling quiet time

Whether we consider ourselves an introvert or extravert, quiet time is enriching for everyone. But in a world that never seems to stop moving, how do we take time out?

Why quiet time matters for business owners
Clinical psychologists believe that scheduling quiet time in our week sharpens our awareness of what’s important. In removing ourselves from the noise of our seemingly never-ending obligations, we can frame an honest conversation with ourselves.

Being quiet allows us to ask ourselves important questions, including:

  • Where is my business going?
  • What do I want my business to be?
  • How do I feel about my business?
  • What is working for me?
  • What isn’t working?
  • What can I do to enrich my reality?
  • How am I affecting those around me?
  • Am I the person I want to be for my business?

Quiet time helps us look beneath the surface of our reality. When we ignore ourselves, and continue to bury ourselves in work, we run the risk of burning out. We also fall into a spiral of self-estrangement, where we can lose touch with who we truly are and what we want. This predicament can cause us to lose sight of our business goals, wherein we unknowingly foster a workforce who are unmotivated and directionless. In reviving ourselves through quiet time, we enhance our focus, creativity to generate new ideas and capacity for positivity, breathing it into all we do.

The physiological benefits of having quiet time include:

  • improved sleeping
  • reduced muscle tension
  • lower blood pressure
  • stress relief.

Scheduling quiet time isn’t always easy, especially for business owners. When we’re consumed by a need to always be working and growing our businesses, taking time out can seem like a setback to greatness, a cost we cannot afford. This could not be further from the truth. An experiment performed on mice found that listening to silence for two hours each day led to the development of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a function pertaining to our brain’s ability to consolidate memory. The findings in the mice study are corroborated by an experiment performed on humans, where adults who walked for 40 minutes three times per week also experienced growth in the hippocampus after one year. So, we feel confident in saying that quiet time is essential for optimal living!

Signs you’re in need of some quiet time
There is a culmination of behaviours which indicate the need for some quiet time. Recognising these behaviours is important in ensuring we give ourselves what we need before we become too destructive to ourselves and those around us.

Some of the behavioural signs which indicate the need for quiet time include:

  • an overall loss of interest or excitement
  • tendency to complain or always take a negative viewpoint
  • procrastinating on things we previously looked forward to doing
  • feeling impatient with loved ones
  • having the urge to hide.

It’s important that we don’t beat ourselves up for exhibiting these behaviours every so often. We’re business owners, but we’re only human. It’s normal for things to get under our skin. However, we need to realise that the way we think and behave affects those around us. Being aware of our impact helps us have more rewarding interactions with people. It also equips us to make smarter decisions about workflow and time management.

How to allow for quiet time
Here are some strategies to help with scheduling quiet time as a business owners each week:

  • gently remind yourself you don’t have to do everything at once
  • make time to go for a walk each day, in your own company
  • take up a hobby (e.g. yoga, drawing, or reading a book) you enjoy, without pressuring yourself to complete it or achieve a certain milestone
  • keep a journal for self-reflection
  • have open conversations with your family about the importance of having some quiet time
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

At Brainiact, we’re firm believers in the benefits of quiet time. In both our professional and private lives, we’ve seen firsthand how taking time out can enrich wellbeing, relationships and occupational performance. Our belief in the value of quiet time influences our mission. We aim to help small to medium businesses succeed through holistic marketing advice!

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