Asking for Help is The Best Business Decision You Can Make

Have you ever felt that you just couldn’t ask for help? Or were uncertain as to how to improve your small business? Every business from large conglomerate corporations to small local companies feel like this. You’re not alone. But the solution is one that many find a scary practice. You need to ask for help.

Asking for help shows you’re committed to improving, that you’re strong, and that you value your business and employees over your ego. For some reason getting entrepreneurs or business owners to ask for help is like pulling teeth; they just don’t want to do it. However, asking for help can separate a good business from a great business. Asking for advice, suggestions or consultancy can ensure that you limit your mistakes and improve your business’s operations. Asking for help can be a calculated business move that will see you succeed. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits asking for help can provide.

Refresh your perspective
Have you ever felt lost and trapped in a whirlpool of emotions only for someone to state an obvious solution? Being involved and caught up in how your business operates is not always be a strength. A lot of the time it makes you blind to what is actually going wrong. When you ask for help (especially from  experts like Brainiact) they can see your business from an outsider’s perspective. This can enable them to view the flaws in your strategy that you otherwise might not realise.

Perspective is everything and it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your own may be faulty. But that’s just a part of owning a business, facts can be brutal.

Recognise your strengths and ask for help with your weaknesses
Not everyone is Superman. We’re not all blessed with being the best at absolutely everything in life. And that’s okay. When it comes to being a business owner it’s important that you focus on your strengths. According to a survey completed by Gallup, stores that implemented a new strategy and adopted a strengths-based approach, grew 66% faster than stores that didn’t focus on their strengths. By focusing on your strengths, you are more likely to enjoy your work and be more successful. So, if you’re focusing on your strengths then it is imperative that you ask for help from others to aid you in your weaknesses.

Guess what? Your weaknesses are other people’s strengths. By letting others help you and allowing them to utilise their strengths your business can only thrive. So, locate your weaknesses, find someone who is great at it, and ask them for help. You’ve got this!

Asking for help can bring you new energy
Now, hear me out. When you’re bogged down doing tasks that you really don’t like or that really don’t match your strengths, all of your motivation flies out the window. When you ask for help and no longer have the stress of incomplete tasks, you can focus on the tasks that matter. This can help you regain your motivation, enjoy your career and see what the next steps are for your business. Get asking and feel invigorated!

Ask for help and become a better leader
Asking for help makes you a better leader. It showcases that you trust your employees and allows them to gain greater confidence in their own abilities. By asking for help you showcase the importance of always asking questions and seeking advice. I’m sure everyone has been in an environment where they’ve felt insecure and unable to ask for help. Nine times out of ten this leads to mistakes and a lack of motivation.

You are what your employees look up to. By asking for help you create a positive and supportive environment for your workplace. Another review by Gallup found that highly engaged employees reduces absenteeism by 41% and resulted in a 17% increase in productivity. So, go ask your employees for their advice it will benefit you, your business and them!

Okay, so you understand why you need to ask for help, but how do you ask for help and from who? This is personal for everyone. Many people have employees to turn to, but a lot of people don’t. Here I outline a few options for you to showcase that everyone has people who can support them.

A mentor can be a vital source for relevant and expert advice about your specific circumstances. They can guide you and be a supportive figure to help you develop yourself and your business, helping you to become more successful.

Whilst not everyone has a mentor, if you do, asking them for advice should be a simple process. Outline what your situation is and the problem that is occurring and then kindly ask for help. They will give you their opinion and suggestions of how to proceed next. It’s an easy experience that should be comfortable and will boost your confidence in handling difficult scenarios.

You may not have anyone to lean on, or your situation requires an expert’s help. In this scenario a consultant is a great option to provide you with detailed advice and unrivalled information. They can help you create an actionable and viable plan that will lead your business to success.

Whilst they do cost money, they are one of the greatest financial decisions you could make. Have a go at recruiting a consultant and see your business grow to new heights.

Who knows your business better then you? Your customers! Customers can be a great help when having to make tough decisions or decide a new avenue for your business to pivot to. They understand your products, they experience your service, and they can provide helpful recommendations for you.

Utilising surveys, asking for Google Reviews, or sending out emails are all options for you to ask for help. It can be a simple process that can reap great rewards, so start planning a survey so that your customers can help you prosper.

If you can’t ask others for help, your family are a great option. Any advice they provide will have your best interests at the centre of it, ensuring that you can always trust them. Whilst your family may not have expertise in your industry or relevant experience, they most likely have been supporting you from the beginning. This knowledge of your business can allow them to support you and provide you with unparalleled advice about your next steps.

Ensure that when you’re asking your family for help that you explain the issue in detail and in an easy-to-understand way. Whilst they know your business, they may not know the processes in detail so explaining this is vital for them to provide you with great advice. So, just because your family may not be industry leaders or experts, consider them next time when you’re struggling and need help.

Asking for help is important. It can be the greatest business decision that you ever make. Always reach out to people if you’re struggling, are uncertain about the next steps or want to grow your business, you may surprise yourself as to how beneficial it really is. If you’re ready to take the next step and ask for expert consultancy contact Brainiact today! We can help provide unrivalled advice for your business, ensuring that you feel confident in your decision making.