Achieving big business goals one step at a time

“Brainiact has helped us achieve more. Instead of being reactive we are now proactive in our business approach, helping us succeed.”

– Joel Dodds, Director, Prime Refrigeration

Joel Dodds, Director of Prime Refrigeration, has been working with Brainiact for the past seven months and has made significant progress to achieving his business goals. Passionate and hardworking, Joel understood exactly what he wanted to achieve but wasn’t sure how to do it. The day-to-day running of the business was often getting in the way of his business’s success and slowing down his progress. In order to expand and reach his ambitions, Joel’s Brainiact business coach helped him create better processes and offered the accountability he needed to succeed.

“We were at the stage in our business where we knew what we wanted to achieve and where we wanted to go, but we didn’t know how to get there,” explains Joel. “At first our goals felt out of reach, but when we began working with Brainiact we put processes in place that helped us to succeed.”

“Working with Brainiact has grown and transformed our business. Before, we were just a team of two technicians and an apprentice, and now we’re nearing a team of 10.”

While Joel knew his ambitions, he needed the accountability, advice, and personalised guidance of a Brainiact business coach to help him achieve them. The first step to growing your business is recognising where you want to take it, but the next step is actually figuring out how to get there. This is where a Brainiact business coach can help.

Unrivalled support and commitment
As a first time small to medium-sized business owner, Joel needed to gain the knowledge and experience to enable his business to succeed.

“The support of having someone who comes from the corporate world and has experience managing larger businesses is invaluable,” shares Joel. “Our Brainiact business coach helped us put systems into place that have been a massive help.”

In order to succeed and expand the business, Joel needed both accountability and a secure support system that had his best interests at heart. At Brainiact, we pride ourselves on the fact that our business coaches treat every business as if it were their own. We deliver unrivalled support as your success is our success.

“Brainiact offered me constant support,” says Joel. “I knew I could lean on our Brainiact business coach to provide expert advice about how to properly approach situations rather than make rash decisions that can have major consequences down the line.”

One aspect of having a business coach that Joel notes helped his success is the strong relationship they formed. “The bond you form is unrivalled,” shares Joel. “We are in contact throughout the week and our weekly catchups are a great way of not only identifying what you’re doing well but also what you’re doing wrong so you can improve, which is critical.”

“Negative feedback is often better than positive feedback as it’s what helps you grow. It also helps when it comes from someone you know has your back like Brainiact.”

Helping identify where you can improve
One area Joel struggled with was understanding how to become a better leader. Transitioning from the tools to being the owner of a business was a big learning curve.

“Learning my position in the business was difficult,” says Joel. “From being a tradesman to becoming a business owner, there were a lot of things I had to learn. My Brainiact business coach gave me the confidence to become a better leader by understanding where I could improve and how to delegate tasks.”

While Joel knew his goals, he simply lacked the confidence to implement the systems and processes he needed to achieve his ambitions. Identifying areas of improvement, while also recognising Joel’s strengths, was a main priority for Joel’s Brainiact business coach.

“I have always been pretty good at dealing with clients and putting out small fires as such; I have always thought that clients come first,” shares Joel. “Once I began working with Brainiact, we found a multitude of different services Prime Refrigeration could begin offering.”

“Finding the confidence to offer these new services and also understand how to sell them to clients was all thanks to my Brainiact business coach.”

Stop questioning to start growing
When working with a business coach, it’s important to trust the process. Joel realised this at the beginning of his journey and continues to maintain his commitment to the process.

“In the beginning, I would question some things but was committed to working with Brainiact, so I went ahead and implemented the changes we agreed on,” explains Joel. “Once I did everything my Brainiact business coach suggested, I started seeing the results.”

“While you may be unsure of some things, if you trust the process you will see the results you’re after.”

Joel has an unwavering commitment to not only his business but the entire business coaching process. He is dedicated to listening, learning and putting into action everything his Brainiact business coach has suggested. That’s why Prime Refrigeration has been able to make such great progress.

“At the end of the day, you never know unless you try,” says Joel.

Building a culture of success
Transitioning from working with the tools to being the leader of a business also meant that Joel struggled building a culture of success and teamwork. Especially as a trades business, ensuring your team wants to remain for the long haul is critical.

“You have to have a good team environment,” explains Joel. “Brainiact showed me that I have a key role to play in building the culture of my business. I need to do my part for the team and ensure the crew is bonded.”

“People come and go. But if you work hard to keep your crew, that’s when you can really build and grow your business which helps to look after them in turn.”

You always need guidance no matter how big you are
One thing that Joel has loved about having a business coach is the accountability and ongoing support.

“Having someone week to week invested in the success of your business is very beneficial,” says Joel. “Every business is different, and every owner is different. Brainiact offers tailored advice that’s specific to each individual which adds to their success.”

Joel has shared some of the best bits of advice he has received from his Brainiact business coach over the past seven months together.

“Having confidence in yourself is a big one,” says Joel. “Confidence, accountability and building the culture within the company. These are the three things my Brainiact business coach drilled into me and have been what’s made the biggest difference.”

For business owners questioning whether they should hire a business coach, or business coaches about to work with Brainiact, Joel has this advice. “Striking up a relationship with your business coach is critical. Finding a coach that’s like-minded and understands where you want to go can only happen if you prioritise forming a strong partnership.”

Our team at Brainiact are extremely proud of the success Prime Refrigeration has made since joining with Brainiact. We look forward to seeing what their future holds and providing our continual support.

If you’re looking to grow your business under the support and advice of our business coaches, get in touch today! Or, if you would like to own a Brainiact and help others achieve their goals, contact us today!