A worthy investment for this new business.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of my Brainiact business coach.”

– Jesse Musgrove, Director, SwitchSafe Electrical Group

Since joining forces with Brainiact nine months ago, Jesse Musgrove has made substantial progress towards his business goals. While Jesse started with big plans for SwitchSafe Electrical Group, there was a lack of direction and focus. In order to reach those goals, his Brainiact business coach prioritised and identified short-term goals for Jesse. 

“Within the first two months of working with Brainiact I was achieving my short-term goals,” says Jesse. “From the moment we began, I thought, ‘Wow, this is working’”. 

Like many other small business owners, Jesse had reservations about investing in a business coach. As a startup, he was conscious of where and how he should spend his money. 

“I couldn’t afford a business coach at the time,” explains Jesse. “But I had to do whatever I could to get one because I knew it was going to be worth it for my business – and it definitely was”. 

“If you’re trying to lose weight, you go to the gym and you have a personal trainer. Similarly, I thought, if I’m trying to grow a business, I should have a personal coach. Why stumble your way through when you can have someone there helping you out?”

Narrowing the focus
When Jesse first started working with Brainiact, he was working full-time under another company. He credits Brainiact for the success he gained after taking the leap from employee to business owner.

“I think about this a lot,” says Jesse. “If I didn’t have the support of a business coach, I might have still made the jump, but I would have struggled and gone straight back to full-time work under someone else.” 

With the support and guidance of a business coach, Jesse was able to gain the revenue he needed to continue his startup. 

Jesse had come to Brainiact already aware of his long-term goals; to gain freedom with time, fix the trade industry, and gain financial freedom. Our business coach knew that the best thing for Jesse was to narrow the focus, identifying what Jesse needed to do then and there in order to achieve those future goals. Jesse and his business coach focused on cash flow and maintaining steady revenue. 

“Business owners tend to have what I like to call ‘shiny object syndrome’ – I certainly did – but my business coach helped me focus on what’s important right now, before then focusing on what’s to come,” says Jesse.

“Having my Brainiact business coach on board to make sure we kept our focus is what allowed me to stay in my business and not revert back to full-time work.”

A motivational force
Our Brainiact coach has helped Jesse improve his business through challenging him on a daily basis. Together, they set a target of cold-calling a certain amount of clients a week as part of their immediate goal of increasing revenue. While many business owners know this technique is effective in gaining clients, rarely do they put it into practice. Similarly, Jesse knew it was something he had to do, but never would have done it without the motivating force of his business coach.

“If I had to do it myself, it wouldn’t have happened,” shared Jesse. “But now I have my best client thanks to my business coach urging me to cold-call.”

Another area that SwitchSafe Electrical Group was lacking in was their branding and marketing. An important step in growing any business is consolidating its social media presence and creating coherent branding across all assets. Jesse’s Brainiact business coach not only highlighted the importance of marketing, but the importance of outsourcing these areas. 

“As business owners we think we can do it all,” says Jesse. “But the best advice I got from my business coach was to outsource. You have to be conscious of what you put your time into. You’ll lose even more money thinking you can take on all these tasks instead of hiring someone who can do it better.” 

An exponential slingshot
One benefit Jesse found in having a Brainiact business coach was how streamlined running a new business became. Within a month of working with a business coach, Jesse saw significant profit increases.

“It condenses the process,” explains Jesse. “A business coach exponentially slingshots yourself in business. So, instead of it taking five years to achieve that goal, it will take 12 months.” 

“We set revenue marks in early June which I didn’t think we’d hit, but we absolutely smashed it”. The majority of the cash came in only after my business coach came into the picture.”

Improving business through accountability
Brainiact provides ongoing support to its clients beyond what’s expected. Our business coaches don’t just see clients as a ‘job’. Instead, they want your business to succeed as if it were their own and provide the consistent support to show it. 

Jesse and his business coach have coaching sessions once a week. However, alongside these coaching sessions his business coach also performs follow-ups, checking if he’s carrying out the tasks he needs to and ensuring he is on the right track to meeting his goals. For Jesse, having a business coach means the accountability is always there. 

“My business coach keeps a good balance between being a friend I can rely on and a business partner that keeps me on track,” says Jesse. “When I hit my targets, my business coach is happy for me and then it’s straight on to the next target. It’s that continuous accountability and motivation that has driven my success.” 

To all business owners
One thing Jesse has loved about having a business coach is the confidence it gives him as a business owner. It becomes much easier to achieve your goals when you have someone telling you how you can, and will, achieve them. 

“Even though I knew what my goals were, my Brainiact business coach got me to put my head down and actually work towards them,” explains Jesse. “Low and behold we cracked those goals quicker than I’d ever expected.” 

After achieving goal after goal with the help of his business coach, Jesse has confidence to continue striving after more goals and bigger targets. 

To business owners questioning whether to partner with a Brainiact business coach, Jesse advises, “Just do it!”

“People might have reservations about the cost but it’s not so much an expense as it is an investment; an investment you will get returns on,” says Jesse. 

“Look at all the top CEOs today. It doesn’t matter how big they are, they all have some sort of coach on board – so why wouldn’t you?”

Our team at Brainiact are extremely proud of the achievements SwitchSafe Electrical Group has made in only a matter of months with Brainiact. We look forward to seeing what their future holds and providing our continual support.

If you’re looking to grow your business under the support and advice of our business coaches, get in touch today! Or, if you would like to own a Brainiact and help others achieve their goals, we are now taking expressions of interest