A successful new business

“The knowledge we have gained from our Brainiact business coach has taken us from a place where we were completely lost, to a path of great success.”

– Ivan Zapata, Managing Director, Diab’s Cleaning Services

When Ivan Zapata and Adam Diab, Managing Directors of Diab’s Cleaning Services, first started their business, they thought they could do everything. However, like most new business owners, they soon encountered a variety of challenges. Unsure as to how to grow or work together, they very quickly realised they needed additional support.

“We weren’t sure how to grow,” explains Adam. “We were a new business, and we soon became overwhelmed with everything we needed to do.”

After reaching out to Brainiact, they immediately formed a connection with their business coach.

“We saw Brainiact had great Google reviews and were specialised in helping small businesses like ours,” shares Ivan. “Once we met with our Brainiact business coach, we instantly felt like they were genuine, had a good vibe, and were extremely knowledgeable.”

Since joining with Brainiact almost a year ago, Ivan and Adam have made significant strides and great progress. From struggling to grow their team, profits, and sales to now being confident leaders within the business, both Ivan and Adam are representatives of why gaining outside support could be the best decision you ever make.

“We have grown a lot since working with our Brainiact business coach,” says Ivan. “Working with Brainiact has been the best decision we ever made.”

Gaining confidence
When Ivan and Adam first contacted their Brainiact business coach, they had no confidence and structure in their business. Overall, they were very lost.

“We lacked the confidence to grow the business,” shares Adam. “We also didn’t have much understanding of what we were doing or what we should do.”

Similar to a lot of small business owners, Ivan and Adam took the brave first step of starting a business without any experience in owning one. While they both had the passion and drive to succeed, they lacked the business acumen to put this desire into action.

“Our Brainiact business coach has given us a lot more confidence,” says Ivan. “I no longer struggle to talk to clients or feel shy.”

“Our Brainiact business coach has pushed us to succeed,” adds Adam. “They have helped us realise we can no longer live in the shadows.”

From the beginning, their Brainiact business coach identified the need to change Ivan and Adam’s overall mindset. Often with business owners, they can have the mindset that they are working in the business rather than on the business. This simple alteration to how they view their role can have dramatic effects and boost their capabilities as leaders.

“It has been a very encouraging change in our mindset,” shares Adam. “We used to see ourselves as employees and not as business owners. With our Brainiact business coach, we now realise we can grow the company. We are capable of this!”

Learning to work together
Working with a colleague, friend, or family member can pose unique difficulties. While it can be an amazing and rewarding experience, it takes time and effort to understand how each leader in the business operates.

“Our lack of business knowledge led to a lot of frustrations between Ivan and I,” shares Adam. “While we both wanted to succeed, working together became challenging when we weren’t getting the results we wanted.”

Having an external support system can make a big difference in your business’s growth. For Ivan and Adam, their business coach helped strengthen their relationship and identify one another’s strengths and weaknesses. By recognising how each business owner can contribute to the success of the business, it becomes easier to make real impact.

“Our Brainiact business coach has been an amazing supporter from the beginning,” explains Ivan. “Having someone help us and our business has meant Adam and I work better together now and can truly achieve our shared business goals.”

Improving business processes
Another area that needed improvement was their lack of structure and sales capabilities. For Ivan and Adam, they lacked the processes to find new clients and increase sales. Creating an organisational chart and identifying areas of delegation were the first things to be implemented.

“We had to create an organisational chart and learn which tasks to delegate to one another and so we both knew what our roles were,” shares Adam. “Having different roles for the both of us made a big difference in the efficiency of the business, as it streamlined processes.”

Increasing sales is a top priority for most small to medium business owners. As cashflow improves, so can other areas of the business.

“Our Brainiact business coach was always a massive help when it came to thinking of new ideas and ways for us to gain new clients,” says Ivan. “Every week, our coach would come up with a new idea.”

“Handing out business cards, cold calling clients, and learning how to deal with customers has been a massive learning curve but incredibly rewarding,” adds Adam. “Now we have a myriad of ways and the confidence to seek out and attract new clients.”

Why choose Brainiact?
Ivan and Adam have been working with Brainiact for close to a year. Their commitment and drive have led to their remarkable achievements. When asked why they continue to stay with Brainiact, their answer was simple.

“We can see the growth in the business and in ourselves as well,” shares Adam. “We can see that every single thing our Brainiact business coach has been teaching us has worked, so why would we ever leave?”

“Our Brainiact business coach always makes us feel comfortable and is always friendly – every time we meet with them it’s like meeting a friend,” adds Ivan. “This relationship and the evidence of our growth are why we have stayed with our Brainiact business coach and why we don’t see ourselves leaving anytime soon.”

Like other Brainiact clients, they had doubts before they started. Even though they knew they needed help, asking for help and being confident in their decision was a challenge. However, since first meeting their Brainiact business coach they have never regretted their decision.

“For every business owner out there, I want them to know that they shouldn’t be afraid to get a business coach,” adds Adam. “It can seem expensive, but having a business coach means your profits and sales will grow exponentially. It’s a simple decision that will only benefit you.”

Our team at Brainiact are so proud of the accomplishments Diab’s Cleaning Services has made since teaming up with their Brainiact business coach. We look forward to our continued partnership and seeing them continue to grow in the future.

If you want to take the plunge and work with one of our business coaches, enquire today! On the other hand, if you would like to become a Brainiact business coach yourself, contact us for more information.