A big confidence booster for this small business owner

“Thanks to my Brainiact business coach, I have a lot more confidence in my business and I’m motivated to get it to where I know it can go.”

– Rocco Furfaro, Director, Furfaro Architects

It’s not uncommon for small business owners to doubt their skills, accomplishments, and potential from time to time. Having a business coach to provide you with objective guidance can give you the confidence boost you need to propel you and your business forward. Rocco Furfaro, Director, Furfaro Architects is a testament to this. 

Rocco began working with Brainiact over ten months ago and has made remarkable progress. As the sole Director and business owner of Furfaro Architects, Rocco struggled with self-doubt, questioning whether his decisions were steering his company in the right direction. However, with the help of his Brainiact business coach, he gained a much-needed outside perspective and the confidence to work towards his goals.

“We are a relatively new business, so having confidence in my business and brand was my main challenge,” explains Rocco. “My Brainiact business coach has been helping me overcome this by showing me what we’ve already achieved, where my business is now, where it can go, and how we can get there.”

Being quite a young business, Rocco had some initial hesitation to partner with a business coach so early on. He questioned whether it would be a worthwhile investment. However, running the business by himself, Rocco realised he needed a fresh perspective to fuel growth.

“I knew I needed a different opinion on how to run my business if I wanted it to grow,” says Rocco. “So I decided to take the plunge.”

After hearing about Brainiact from fellow business owner friends, Rocco explored the possibility of getting his own Brainiact business coach.

“First, I spoke with other Brainiact clients, and their positive feedback aligned with my goals and values,” explains Rocco. “I met with my business coach, and the first thing they did was see if we were a good fit for each other. Once we established that, they started outlining how they could help me as a business owner. Again, this spoke to me, so I decided to just go for it.” 

Providing a different perspective
As a sole business owner, it’s easy to become so focused on your efforts without knowing if those efforts will actually bring positive outcomes. Rocco’s main challenge going into business coaching was that he lacked confidence in his decisions and his brand overall. 

Rocco’s Brainiact business coach gave him the outsider perspective he needed to gain confidence. By going through the books and past projects, his business coach could celebrate Rocco’s achievements and provide motivation to build a brighter future for the business.

“My business coach gave consistent support, physically showing me how much I had already achieved in a short amount of time,” says Rocco. “It was a big confidence boost to then look at where to take my business next.”

For Rocco, working with a business coach meant getting answers from an objective and trustworthy source. “It was great to get opinions from someone who knows a lot about running a business, but isn’t in the same sphere as yourself,” says Rocco. “I only have an architectural background, so getting a business expert’s perspective has opened my eyes to the possibilities of my business.”

Another aspect of business coaching Rocco valued was that his business coach could serve as an informal business partner. “Of course, I love being in charge of my business, but I’m not going to have all the answers,” shares Rocco. “Collaborating with my business coach and bouncing ideas off each other is a big benefit to me.”

Getting you out of your shell
Once Rocco gained confidence in his brand, he could then use that confidence to scale his business further. His Brainiact business coach encouraged him to get out of his shell and present his business to the world. Although this process is ongoing, Rocco is happy to report that it is working.

“My business coach continually pushes me to go out there and secure clients,” explains Rocco. “Not only do they guide me in the right direction, they also provide constant accountability to follow through with the steps needed to achieve my goals.”

Around 55% of business owners say their biggest reason for starting their own business was wanting to not work for someone else. That is why at Brainiact, the business coach will often have to encourage clients to leave the employee mindset behind and learn how to embrace the entrepreneurial role. 

“My business coach encouraged me not to hide away in an office, and instead put on my entrepreneur hat, work at the front end of the business and get the sales myself,” says Rocco. “They essentially made me into an entrepreneur, not just an employee to my own business.”

Some business owners might experience a tendency to put themselves down or fear the unknown. Rocco started off with this mindset, but with the help of a business coach who understands effective methods for scaling a business, Rocco’s confidence increased and he saw positive results for his business in a short amount of time. 

In it for the long run
When Rocco first started working with his Brainiact business coach, he had a timeframe in mind for how long he would use business coaching services. However, not long after beginning the process, Rocco realised the long-term benefits and now aims to continue to work with his business coach indefinitely. 

“My business coach helped me realise goals not just for the next 12 months, but right up to the next five and ten years,” says Rocco. “I’ve found business coaching is not about achieving what you want to achieve and that’s that. As my business and I grow, my Brainiact business coach adapts with us.”

For Rocco, Brainiact business coaching has proved to provide enduring benefits. Business coaching is flexible and caters to your growth, and is an ongoing process for those with long-term or evolving goals.

“My business coach’s advice is always valuable and has never gone stale,” says Rocco. “That’s why I intend to keep working with them.”

To all business owners
Even though Rocco’s business coaching sessions were weekly, the support of his business coach was constant. Similar to all Brainiact business coaching clients, Rocco had access to his business coach via phone or email as required. 

“Whether I needed a second opinion on an idea or just a reminder of what I’ve achieved and what I can achieve, I could always contact my business coach for help,” says Rocco.

Rocco encourages other small business owners to take the leap and invest in Brainiact business coaching if they are struggling.

“If you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut or you’re in the same cycle day in and day out, you probably need a fresh perspective on how you could take your business to the next level,” explains Rocco. “A business coach can do that for you.”

“If you do decide to go for it, then give it your all.”

Our team at Brainiact are so proud of the accomplishments Furfaro Architects has made since teaming up with their Brainiact business coach. We look forward to our continued partnership and seeing them continue to grow in the future. 

If you want to take the plunge and work with one of our business coaches, enquire today! On the other hand, if you would like to become a Brainiact business coach yourself, contact us for more information.