3 Tips for Positive Thinking as an Entrepreneur

Let me guess, you think the idea of positive thinking is something that should stay in your yoga class? Think again. Positive thinking can be difficult, but once mastered it can lead to unlimited business success. Whatever you want to call it optimism, positivity, or even good vibes it can’t be denied that positive thinking is integral to developing, marketing, and leading your business to create long-term and sustainable growth.

Mindset is everything. Where you place your focus affects how your business operates. Constantly thinking about the negatives and worrying about the future will limit your business’s success as it discounts your ability to think about areas for potential growth. Think about the entrepreneurs that inspire you, do you think they are plagued by negative thoughts?

If you think your business will fail, it probably will. And if you focus on the failures, well it will only encourage you to stop rather than encourage you to continue through the hardships. Owning a business is not easy, hence why most people don’t. It takes a special kind of person to remain confident in themselves, their ideas, and their business. Positive thinking can help you expand your mindset and gain success for your business.

Here are three top tips to help you remove your limiting beliefs through the power of positivity!

1. Exercise Your Brain
We get it, nobody likes to exercise. But just as exercise is good for your physical health it is great for your mental health. Start to alter your thoughts consciously and purposefully from focusing on the negatives to identifying the positives. Think of it as a fun mind-game, you against you, and challenge how you react to negative situations. Start small and think about how you could change your mindset surrounding little everyday problems, like your favourite café being unexpectedly closed. Even though, yes, your favourite café being closed is annoying, change your approach and consider it an opportunity to try somewhere new.

If your mindset is defaulting to negativity don’t worry! This is simply just a habit and just like any bad habit, it can be changed. Call yourself out (internally, it can be slightly strange to talk to yourself in public) when you’re thinking negatively and soon positivity will become your regular mindset. Simple!

2. Any Time, Anywhere
Forget the past, forget the future, just be present. To truly alter your mindset from negative thoughts to positive thoughts you must bring it into every aspect of your life. Cooking dinner? Think positively. Getting dressed? Think positively. Watching a terrible movie? Think positively.

Being present and ensuring a positive mindset throughout your life will ensure that it becomes ingrained within you. Being positive doesn’t mean you need to live outside of reality, it instead is a mechanism to allow you to not be affected by negative situations. To remain present and train your brain to identify the positives in every scenario consider practicing gratitude and identifying what you’re grateful for daily. Whilst it may feel slightly unusual at first, you will soon feel more grounded and optimistic about life, especially during moments of hardship.

3. Help Others, Help Yourself
Is it selfish to help others because it makes us happy? Probably. Is it still a good idea? Definitely. Completing acts of kindness can help you gain a more positive mindset as you get a little serotonin boost from making others happy. Helping others can halt negative thoughts as we witness that there is more to life than just the small daily mishaps.

Helping others can also stop your employees’ brains from thinking negatively. This fosters a successful environment and ensures that you and your team are operating productively. Altering your mindset positively impacts your team around you. Contagious positivity can only breed greater success. A study recently found that happy employees were 180% more energetic and 12% more productive. Have you ever met someone who is so upbeat about life that it changes your mindset just being around them? Channel that energy and become that person so that you can inspire your business and team.

Being an entrepreneur can be hard. Your business and your personal goals can feel overwhelming, and it is easy to create a cycle of negativity. However, you can break free through positive thinking and begin to see your business succeed. Changing your mindset is simple and can help create an environment for yourself and your team that fosters optimism and joy. What we think is what we manifest so make sure it’s positive.

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