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Inspire Small Business

Today, Clayton’s personal business achievements include:

Inspire Small Business builds and designs your Shopify website with the purpose of attracting customers in mind. Specifically, they specialise in converting Shopify visitors into paying customers. Their services include:

·        website redesign: complete redesign, higher conversions, full support

·        website review: video review, tips and suggestions – all for free

·        website build: brand new site, Shopify platform, incredible support

Brainiact has hand-picked Inspire Small Business because we know that they achieve real and durable results. Clayton’s personal experience in the small business sector makes him an insightful and inspiring mentor. He goes above and beyond when it comes to helping Australian businesses. Inspire Small Business prides themselves on the level of support they offer their clients. They never treat their clients as a mere task or as a number on a page. Instead, they take the time to understand your business so that it can establish its reputation on Shopify. The support Inspire Small Business offers includes:

·        sending ‘how-to’ videos

·        providing feedback, tips and suggestions

·        offering a free Shopify website review 

To find out more about what Inspire Small Business can do for you, check out their website and YouTube pages. Brainiact is proud to offer all our members exclusive corporate rates when they choose Inspire Small Business.

If you want to find out more about Brainiact’s subscription packages or about our partnership with Inspire Small Business, get in touch with us today!