How It Works – Brainiact
Clayton Bates the Owner of Inspire Small Business sits at a cafe talking to Brainiact Founder Jared Dawson.

How It Works

A Subscription Model

Brainiact offers the very best marketing advice, suggestions and consultancy through an affordable subscription model. We are able to offer this at a reduced rate by keeping our overheads low. We do not produce or create specific marketing outcomes or plans ourselves. Rather - we give you the ideas and the strategies to bring them to life alongside action plans to ensure they occur.

We understand that every business has different needs, which is why we offer three different subscription packages to choose from. Starting from only $999 a month, our subscription plans are risk-free – no lock-in contracts and no hidden costs.

Jared Dawson the founder of Brainiact and Stuart Shaw the Managing Director of Pristine Properties share a launch next to a utility vehicle. In the background there are autumn leaves browning on trees.

Unique Goals

Getting Plugged In

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Natalie Dawson the Director of Sydney's best copywriting agency Elite Words sits in front of her four staff.

Brainiact Certified Partners

A subscription with Brainiact will provide you with exclusive access to discounts and negotiated corporate agreements with all of these Partners. With our Accelerator Package subscription, you will receive mid-tier discounts on our Partners’ products and services. Subscribing to our Executive Package will provide you with access to exclusive corporate discounts to give your business a competitive advantage.