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Licensed through the Lions gate Financial Group (AFSL 342766), the financial planning and advice they give encompasses a range of areas, which include:

·        wealth accumulation

·        wealth management

·        wealth protection.

Dealing with highly personal client information comes with the territory of providing financial advice. We understand this can be daunting. However, we can vouch that Definitive Wealth Management ensures client information is collected, stored, and used according to statutory obligations. Definitive Wealth Management only collects information relevant to required services. Information clients provide are treated in the strictest confidence and are only used for the purpose they were collected. Clients can also change or withdraw their consent at any time. Your privacy is maintained whether you have engaged with Definitive Wealth Management, or whether you provide information at the initial consultation. Any information provided in a professional environment is highly secure. Definitive Wealth Management also deliver their advice in writing, giving clients full agency over the information given to them.

Definitive Wealth Management is one of the excellent partner companies handpicked by Brainiact. We are aware of their exceptional expertise and know they are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. Through our partnership with Definitive Wealth Management, Brainiact members can enjoy exclusive corporate rates, ensuring they have access to high quality financial advice.

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