National athlete helps Mornington businesses hit their mark

Davinia Upshall, known for her 20-year dynamic career around the world, which includes representing Great Britain in rifle shooting, has set aim at a new target. Davinia is now channelling her vast experience to help small and medium businesses in Mornington succeed, as a business coach.

Throughout her journey, Davinia has worn multiple hats, from corporate finance management to mentoring Army Cadets. This rich experience in both corporate and non-profit sectors has made her an expert in creating innovative strategies, managing finance, and enhancing business processes. Now, she pours this wealth of knowledge into Brainiact, a one-on-one business coaching service giving local hard-working small business owners the tools and support they need to succeed.

Davinia’s commitment to the community extends beyond business. Davinia represented Great Britain in youth rifle shooting and has coached young athletes who have also gone to represent the nation. In Australia, her involvement continues with the local AFL and cricket clubs, marking her dedication to helping the local community.

The Mornington Peninsula is bustling with entrepreneurial spirit, hosting nearly 1500 businesses in Mornington alone and 7000 businesses in the wider area. Davinia is on a mission to use her industry expertise to directly and positively impact the local community through business coaching. 

‘Australia is known for entrepreneurism, and I really admire these people who essentially get out there and start something for themselves,’ says Davinia. ‘Some of the best innovations come from entrepreneurs who have a great idea and use resources to make it come to fruition. I want to help give them access to those resources and speed up the process.’

‘In my various roles, I’ve witnessed corporate sectors often lack purpose, while non-profits have purpose by the bucket loads, but lack business processes’ explains Davinia. ‘Business coaching is a way for me to merge the best of both worlds, helping business owners create structured business models that not only generate lots of profit but also fulfil a deeper purpose.’

Davinia’s professional journey began in the UK with roles in renowned firms like Dyson, Virgin, Arcadia Group, Screw Fix, and Lloyds Banking Group. Her move to Australia saw her influence extend to global giant GPC Asia Pacific, as well as Coles and local businesses such as Griffiths Partners. She has also made impactful strides in non-profit sectors, with the disability charity Scope.

For media enquiries, please contact Jared Dawson, Founder and Director at Brainiact, on 0412 229 014.