Keep Mini Spaces: Sydney’s new key to transportable living

In the bustling cities of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, where housing is hard to find and more and more people are working from home, a creative solution is gaining popularity. There are over 655,000 homes in these cities that have been identified as perfect for granny flats. This need for creative backyard spaces is growing, and even local councils are pushing the idea of using granny flats to help with the housing shortage. That’s why Jeremy and Clarissa Wikeepa, Directors of Keep Constructions, decided to launch another business, Keep Mini Spaces.

While many people have been making do with cramped garages for work or relaxation, Keep Mini Spaces offers a hassle-free way to expand your living or working area to your backyard. These visionary entrepreneurs are breaking new ground by crafting fully finished, transportable backyard sanctuaries that require no extensive construction on-site.

In an exclusive interview, we sat down with the minds behind Keep Mini Spaces to find out how they’re changing the game for Australian professionals and homeowners.

Firstly, tell us about your existing business, Keep Constructions.
We started the business way back in 2011 under the name Jerrissam Constructions but rebranded as Keep Constructions in 2017. We specialise in residential construction, and do everything from home building and renovations to knock-down rebuilds and double-storey projects. We’ve always focused on creating beautiful, functional homes for our clients.

So what made you decide to create Keep Mini Spaces, an entirely new business?
The idea started during the COVID-19 pandemic when a friend asked us about building a backyard office for his finance company. He wanted a custom, transportable space to work in. At first, we said we don’t really do that sort of thing, but as mates, we thought we’d have a look around for him. That’s when we realised there was a big gap in the market for bespoke, high-quality, turnkey backyard spaces. That planted a little seed in us at the time where we kept thinking, how are there so few people doing this in Australia?

As time has gone on, we obviously saw more people working from home who also have available backyard spaces. We saw an opportunity to offer something unique.

It also just came to a point where we were looking for a change as well, having done residential construction for so long. We had a team meeting and everyone was keen, so we just pulled the trigger and did it.

What makes Keep Mini Spaces different from other backyard space solutions?
Keep Mini Spaces stands out because we provide ready-made, fully finished, high-end backyard spaces. All our Keep Mini Spaces are built at our factory premises and transported on a large truck straight into the client’s backyard. Many other companies offer flat-pack solutions or shells, but you have to fit it out yourself. But we deliver a ready-to-use product that matches our clients’ needs and expectations. No tradies in your backyard for months on end. No hassle. You literally pick it up, put it in, connect everything and it’s finished just like that.

This really reduces the disruption that comes from lengthy construction projects. And let’s face it, the longer a construction project, the more conflicts can occur. We get that nobody wants unnecessary stress or conflict, so with our mini spaces, you’re looking at a quick turnaround of typically six to eight weeks. It just ensures a smooth experience for both us and our clients.

We also have our sister design company, which has helped us in Keep Constructions, to assist with all our design work. This means everything is in-house. While clients can choose from standard models on our website, we can also provide a full range of services, like designing consoles, navigating council regulations, and handling installations.

You have a number of design choices for mini spaces available, but are these customisable as well?
Absolutely. Every single space is designed to be unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all. Clients can customise their chosen space within a framework. We sit down with them to help create a space that suits their needs and preferences.

Right now, we have three different designs available and within that, you can choose different layouts, add dividing walls, and a range of finishes. We provide medium to high-quality finishes to suit different preferences and budgets. It’s all high-quality, highly bespoke work.

Who can benefit from these mini spaces?
Anyone with available backyard space and a creative vision can benefit from Keep Mini Spaces. It’s great for people like beauticians, chiropractors, hairdressers, and those who need dedicated workspaces in their backyards because a lot of them are just working from their garages. It’s also ideal for professionals working from home, who need a great place to meet clients or homeowners who want to get another income by renting out these spaces, either as granny flats or for short-term stays like Airbnb.

We’re also exploring how these spaces can be used as wellness pods, where you put ice baths and saunas, and even modular setups that can be stacked or connected to become larger spaces. The possibilities are endless for us.

Your open day is on 4 November. Can you tell us more about the open day?
During the open day, visitors can tour our Keep Mini Spaces, see just how these spaces can be used, and ask questions. We’ll have three setups on display: a granny flat with kitchen and bathroom facilities, a studio setup perfect for offices or creative spaces, and a mini studio granny flat with a smaller kitchen and bathroom.

We hear there will be prizes for those who come to the open day?
Yes! We’ll have some exciting lucky door prizes, including generous donations from our suppliers, worth $2,000. We ran a giveaway for a mini space valued at full price, and we’ll be announcing the winner at the open day. Some prizes are going to be drawn on Instagram, but others will be drawn on the day, making it a fun and exciting event for everyone who attends.

Keep Mini Spaces Open Day
Join Keep Mini Spaces for a day of innovation, inspiration, and giving back!

Date: Saturday 4 November 2023
Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Location: 15-17 William Street Alexandria, NSW 2015

Visit the event page to register and learn more: Event page