Davinia Upshall

Davinia Upshall is known for her 20-year dynamic career in the business world and representing Great Britain in rifle shooting. Now, Davinia is focused on another kind of target: empowering small and medium-sized business owners.

Davinia’s journey spans multiple continents and sectors—from corporate finance management roles at global firms like Dyson, Virgin, and Lloyds Banking Group to grassroots involvement mentoring Army Cadets. This kaleidoscope of experiences has moulded her into an expert strategist in finance management and business process optimisation.

Davinia aims to fuse her corporate experience with her community-driven spirit as she provides invaluable tools and support, designed to help local businesses not just survive, but thrive.

With a career that began in leading UK corporations and then expanded into non-profit sectors like the disability charity Scope, Davinia knows firsthand the strengths and shortcomings of different organisational structures. Her mission now is to blend the best of both worlds, offering business coaching that instils both profitability and purpose. She is dedicated to making a direct and positive impact, one business at a time.

Davinia’s passion isn’t confined to the boardroom. When she’s not helping businesses, she shows her love for community involvement through helping with local AFL and cricket clubs.



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